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Nice theme, is it HTML5 ?

Thanks danzzz,

It’s valid HTML /CSS3 template, not HTML5 .

Awesome work! Good luck with sales ;)

Thanks Alex,

Glad you like it! :)

Hi Zerge, Some really cool and unique effects-kudos! Is the contact form working?

Hi voodoogal,

Thanks for your feedback. At the moment the form is not working. But today, I will update the template, including a working contact form.

Great news, Zerge. Will keep a lookout for your update notification.

Hi voodoogal,

Added HTML5 /AJAX contact form in new version. Enjoy! :)

Excellent HTML template! Unbelievable low price. I will look to purchase more of your work. —Odis

Hi odisr,

Thanks for your feedback ;)

Are you working on a WordPress theme with this design?

Not so far. Everything will depend on how this theme will be useful, it is not clear.

Well I hope you will be working on a WP theme soon ;) ... I’m interested!

I also hope :)

Nice work! Excellent colors!

Thank you.

Thanks for this awesome theme. Can you make a Wordpress theme? :-)

Thanks for your purchase :) Yes WordPress theme will be later.


Any way to get the portfolio sections to work in IE8 ? When you hover over them you just see the text. I’m not a fan of IE or IE8 but I know people are still using it. Let me know if you have any fix for this before I purchase it.


Added some fixes for IE. See Live Preview.

Excelent theme.. its so nice… can u help me with one thin … how i can do it to configure last twitter?.. pls .. tx good job

Hi RazielRZ! Thanks.

In css/jquery.tweet.css – styles for twitter In js/custom.js – code for twitter. query: – Twitter User Name count: – The number of entries displayed

/-- TWITTER --/
      count: 1,
      query: "zesky",
      loading_text: "loading twitter..."      

For more information go to – http://tweet.seaofclouds.com/

Excelent.. now work sooo god… thaks a lot and for your quickly reply!!

Hello again this part works?

Subscribe For Newsletter <—suscripcions??...!! its validate????


To work this feature you need to use any handler (newsletter script etc).

Hi, I like this theme! But how can I edit content? Is it possible thru some editor? Thank you.

Hi Samuel,

Template can be edited using any html editor, like Dreamweaver, etc.

For example how to add new article in blog etc…Via Joomla and Wordpress it´s easy, but how to manage in this template?

See above.

Awesome work! But now i see there is no PSD . And can u make one example of page pagination :)

Hi Slobodan,

Thank you for your purchase. PSD file is not included, because it differs significantly from the final version of the template. Pagination will be added in coming soon.

Hi Slobodan,

Webster updated to version 1.3, added pagination to the blog pages. Enjoy!

If you like my work, please rate it. If you’re about to rate it with less than 5 stars, please let me know the reason first and I will do my best to improve the theme. Thanks so much!


thx for pagination, clear 5 star for template from me :) and i cant wait some of your next works.

Best regards, Slobodan


It would be possible to sell PSD file separately?

Best regards, Teresa

Hi Teresa,

Sorry, but I can’t provide PSD file.

Hi Zerge

There is a smart email box in the footer but the functionality is missing – is it possible that you could provide us with a few lines of code so it works out of the box (or tell how to?)?

Thanks for your great themes!

Hi igss,

Thank you for purchasing one of my themes, I truly appreciate it! :)

Functionality is missing because it’s HTML Template. Try to search for a phrase ‘subscribe php tutorial’.

For example here is a good tutorial: http://www.urphp.com/php-newsletter-sytem-tutorial/

If you like my work, please rate it. If you’re about to rate it with less than 5 stars, please let me know the reason first and I will do my best to improve the theme.

Thanks so much!

Is it possible to remove the designer / copyright info on the footer?

Hi ProduZa,

Yes, of course.