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Hi I have more people in my Bridal Party am i able to add more spots per row instead of the three? maybe 4 in each line? Thanks

Hi, I am thinking to purchase your template. I see, that the last update is on May 12th, 2014. On the other side, there are several fixes based on discussion in comments. Does the regular download include all such fixes?

Any answer? Does your support work?


I have a problem with templates , guestbook and registration . Do not load the information in the scroll , but if you have information template as comments_template function () if the content load the page, but I do not enter the scroll information about this function .


Hello and thank you for your interest. Can you please log in to the account you purchased the theme from? I can’t see the “purchased” and “supported” badges next to your username and I need those in order to offer the free support you are entitled to when you purchase the theme.

Thank you for your understanding! Best regards, Gabriela

Hi there, I am interested in your template but i was wondering if it is possible to remove our story, timeline, bride side, groom side and blog? i would like to be able to include more info on the location including what to do and available accommodation. thanks :)

Hello and thank you for your interest. Of course you can remove any part you want, they are not mandatory. For the Location section you can integrate the “what to do” and “available accommodation” in the “Hotels Nearby” and “Local Attractions” areas (and of course, you can change their names). Let me know if you need any more help!

Best regards, Gabriela


there is a problem with the info: they do not load immediatly when scroll down, but at the very bottom… too late.

Could you please advise?

Thanks in advanc

I got my wedding site setup taken care of but several people have noticed that the preloader is counting down to the wrong time. It is essentially counting down to 11pm rather than 11am. The included help files say to set the time in theme settings, but there is no field for wedding time. Where can I set this value so the preloader can display the correct countdown time?

Website is

sorry for my English I want to change the template and remove Pre-Loader. I read the instructions, I removed, my site is not working properly: please help

Does your support work?

How can i disable prleoader with the pink bg?

Hi, I recently downloaded your template, however I am unable to install it through the theme installer. it says the style.css is missing? Have you any suggestions on how to fix this?


I love template, it is perfect for what i need. Can you please advise me on how to stop spam email from the website form.