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With the Queryloader Timer … Is there anyway to handle Daylight Savings??

I’m in the UK and our Clocks have just gone forward …. So now .. my count down looks wrong …

Hi craigpotter and thank you for your purchase! Well this is pretty odd, the Queryloader should take the date and time from the computer that opens the website and calculate the remaining time from there. Can you give me your website’s URL (feel free to use my profile form if you don’t want that to be public)

I will inbox you my link soon … I found the issue is when i Console.log the BigDay variable i get Date {Sat Mar 14 2015 13:00:00 GMT+0000 (GMT Daylight Time)} however when i output the today variable i get: Date {Fri Apr 04 2014 23:03:17 GMT+0100 (GMT Standard Time)}

Nice issue :)

For the contact us section, where do I add my email address to receive comments or contact info?

Hi there and thank you for your purchase! To add your email address you need to open the file “send_mail.php”. On line 4 you will see a place (well commented in the code) where you can add your email address. Let me know if you can’t find it!

does the guest book have a working form :)

Hi there deionna – not yet, but I had a couple of buyers request that so I’ll be updating the template today with a working “guest book” form

Hi and thank you for this awesome theme. I’ve a problem with a little modification: i have to add a php script (here ) but as soon as I add the script in the php page it stops there.

I have another problem: on mobile the background-image of headers (parallax) doesn’t work.

You know what are the problem?

You can check the page here

Hi tccstudio, thank you for your purchase! First of all I’ve disabled parallax on mobile because it would have slowed down the website terribly! Disabling parallax on mobile is recommended by a lot of industry’s best people and I too consider it a must. I can show you how to re-activate it, but please consider first what experience will your mobile users have with a website that is loading and scrolling too slowly. Second – about the php script I imagine there is some kind of conflict between it and the “Megafolio” script that’s embedded in the theme. Please try to disable the “Megafolio” script

To disable the “megafolio” script you need to go at the end of “index.html” file and delete or comment out the lines 2447-2454 (from “MEGAFOLIO PRO GALLERY JS FILES” to a line before “INCLUDE other plugins and scripts AUTHOR MADE”). Also, in the file “main.js” please delete/comment lines 109-173

It’s a bit difficult for me to write all these explanations in here, if you can not make sense of them please contact me via my profile contact form and I will assist you through email (with better formatted text and code)

I had an issue with the map not displaying correctly and not zooming in on the marker. I found by taking off the animation off that section fixed the issue

craigpotter, very interesting, thank you, I will update the template with this!. And thanks so much for taking the trouble to come back and post the solution here for all the users to see!

Waiting for Wordpress version to purchase. Looks great!

I would also like version for wordpress

I seem to be having a strange issue when navigating the page. When using # section headers, scrolling becomes slightly out of sync.

For example on chrome: Go to Click Wedding>Bride’s Party Refresh When scrolling, it will be slightly delayed.

Also, when clicking each menu item, occasionally it will not scroll the entire way. Is there a way to make it more reliable?

Ps. Same occurs when changing gallery1 size and continuing to scroll

This is perfect just what i been looking for..thanks


Any advice on what to do with the navigation on a mobile. Become of the fixed header… if you have too many links… you can view them all unless you have a long screen.

Mobile Menu is broken by default. To fix find the following in main.js
/* ===================================================
                  "collapse mobile menu after click" 
if( device.tablet() && ) {
Change to:
/* ===================================================
                  "collapse mobile menu after click" 
if( device.tablet() || ) {

device can’t be both tablet and mobile :)


Bought the template, but I realized that the side scrool is leaving the scroll to the right!

Following website:

Following image:

how can I solve this?

Thanks Raphael

Hi Raphael, here is the fix: please go to your template’s folder > css and open “responsive.css”. at line 183 find this: ”@media (max-width: 800px) {” and IMMEDIATELY under it add this: ”.right-nav {float: none;}”


I have just purchased the theme, please help show me how i can make the “sign the guestbook” section work !

Thanks so much, Regards,

Hi Grabriela,

Thanks for your email. i have a small issue, since I use for my email, it blocks the “main.js” file and there’s noway I can download it, please help rename it with a different file extension or zip it so outlook won’t block it.


winord – I’m not sure how me zipping the file would help you. Also, if I rename it with a different extension it won’t work in your website! But you can do this yourself – just re-download the package from ThemeForest, I think you can re-download it up to 5 times per day!

Ahhh, I’m sorry, I just realized what you were saying!!! Yes, please hold on, I’ll send you an email with the zip file!

I am also having the Map problem. How do I turn off animation for just that section?

Thank you so much one more question. I changed the color of the loading screen to a purple, but on load it goes from pink to purple and same when it fades into the site. How do i fix this?

Hi artbyryan – I’m sorry, I’ll put this in the help file. Please go to css > colors > pink.css and change the background color of .bghide to the purple color you use for the preloader

Awesome! Worked like a charm. Thanks for all your help!

Hi. I have a problem with the galleries. I copy the section that content the gallery model 2 in the “index.html” demo and i paste it in my index.php page but it doesn’t works.

You can see the problem using this url ->

The only thing different that I have in my installation is that all the folders that are in the demo on my page are in the “utils” folder, but paths are modified.

Sorry about my bad english… Regards!

Hi EvaFarto and thank you for your purchase! I’m not entirely sure why isn’t working for you. Have you copied in your “index.php” the links to the gallery script as well? You need to copy all the < script > lines from the bottom of “index.html”

Hello are the wedding pages one page only or are they separated pages?

Hi Sades – the wedding pages are set as default as a one page, but you can very simply transform the one page into separated pages (you just need to put the links of the separate pages in the menu, instead of the link to the page section)

Hi Gabriela Re: WordPress version - Any chance the WordPress version you are working on will be up soon?

Hi girlscancode,

How difficult would it be to modify the RSVP form? I’d like to change it so that it first asks “how many guests?” Based on that, produces enough fields to cover “meal option” and “name” for each guest individually. I’d like to add Captcha as well. Also is this a server side form with the input being logged into a database?

Hi rickyharor, thanks for your interest. My best advice to you in this case is to use something like to help you create your forms – would that help? Wufoo has cloud storage database – but the current form available on the template has no such database, it will have one when the WordPress version comes out!


I went through your guide to change the colour. I would also like to change the colour of the background on the preloader. Where would I need to go to do that?


Nvm. I found it :) In total there are 3 different pinks that need to be replaced to change the entire theme.

Hi, I purchased your theme and tried uploading the theme to Wordpress, but it’s stating that it’s missing the stylesheet. Can you advise?

Thanks! Karen

Hi Karen and thank you for your purchase! I’m afraid that this is not a WordPress theme, this is a HTML/CSS template that can not be loaded into WordPress. However a WordPress version of this theme will be available soon!