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Lovely! Shared it on my Facebook page for my wedding clients.

Thanks a lot ;)

Great implementation! GLWS

Thanks, pal!

The share funtion on the photo-album does not work

We will make an update soon.


I am having issues with the Groomsmen pictures section. All images are the same size. They are all out of whack and one of the images will not display at all. Please help! We are ready for this website to go live after this section is completed.

Nicole Anthony nicole.anthony@thesiteedge.com

hello. we sent you login info to hi@teslathemes.com. It has now been quite some time with no reply and this is a theme defect. please let me know what you have figured out about our groomsmen section. One of the pictures is only displaying a sliver of the picture.

we are taking the Coming Soon page so you will be able to access the site without logging in.

We will update the theme to fix this bug which appears in Firefox.


Is there a way to delete this partÑ Bride’s Surname & Groom’s Surname 1 January 1970 We are happy to invite you


Few more question, First, How can I resize all images? How can I remove Posted BY? How can I remove the separator in every pages?

Thank you,

Please I need answers how to remove the black banner with the date on it. Thanks!

It is possible only with customization.

Hi Tesla, I sent you another message. I have another question.

Issue has been fixed.


Tesla, check your email I sent you another message. And if I update the theme, will all my modification go away?

Yes, we’ll check. Please backup your data when updating. For customization, use child themes.


Tesla, I am still waiting for your answer man. My client is waiting for me.

Already done

Hey Tesla,

This is my 4th messages. Can you help with the question that I have regarding your theme? I sent you an attachment too. The last message was almost 4 days ago. I cant believe it.

Jonathan, please be patient. Today you’ll have the solution. We understand that you’ve sent the 4th message, but you provided the needed information yesterday, so we are answering within 24h.

I am trying to be patient, but my client is waiting for me and force me to finish this.

We have sent you a email.


How can I make the homepage pictures sliders to fill the white space. Take a look here. http://littleblackdressevents.net/

Just use images with a greater height.

I did man, but it didnt work. I even use your sample pictures.

Please send your project credentials at hi@teslathemes.com and we’ll inspect your issue.

Hello Tesla,

its already a week and not answer man.

Sorry for the delay, we made a lot of updates to different themes, did you auto update the theme, do you still have the same issue ?

In your example on the home-page you have five tiles. How do I get them like you’ve done? What I did was adding “Home sliders”. But then what? Do I have to reconfigure the “Home”-page somehow: I’ve just – like you wrote – put a name on an empty page.

To create the home page first you need to select “Home” template on the Edit Page. Then to add / remove the tiles/slides go to Dashboard > Home Slider.

You can read more about the available page templates and how to configure theme in our documentation which is also available online at http://teslathemes.com/doc/wedding/#section5.

I think I have a general problem: How to link the information from your forms to the pages: How do I get the “Our love story page” and so forth? I can insert my info into your forms; I can create a page called that. But how do I get the content onto the page? I do not see anyplace where I can link the form-info to the page. There are the Custom Fields, but I have NO idea how to use them.


I found the solution in the support page http://teslathemes.com/topic/cant-get-wedding-day-three-column-slider-to-work/ This info should be in the instructions.

Ok, thanks for suggestion!

Hello? Anyone there??

Yes, please ask.

New question: On the page that list location for Wedding party and reception, there is no place to put a map for the church-cermony. Since we will have reception and party at same place (I’ve never been to a wedding where this has been at different locations) can you show me how to change the titles “Wedding party” and “reception” in “Date & Time”? I it could be like in “Our Wedding”: “Main ceremony” and “reception”. Or best: “Church ceremony” and “Wedding dinner”

Those strings are located in weddingwp_date_place.php on lines 132 and 162.


Really nice work! I have a some issues with mobile version (iPhone) the menu is not clickable. There’re something that you can help?


Hi choteka,

We will update the theme with a fix.


This theme sucks. Do not buy. I’ve worked with a ton of themes and it is the worst by far. The documentation is okay, but you will need to dig into the php and other files to make any changes. Upload demo content works well, but then you can’t modify the demo content on the fly like other themes.

Hi, we understand your concern, but you can always ask for our support. Cheers!