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Beautiful theme, love it so much. Can’t wait to see the HTML version.

Thank you very much, David! And thank you for the awesome Dribbble invite :D

Multumesc! :D Thanks Chaoscod3r!

Cu multa placere ;) Your’re very welcome :)

Any idea when the HTML or Wordpress version might be ready? I can’t wait to use it!

I am also curious when the HTML version is going to be available. I am so excited for this theme. Thanks for all of your work.

Love this PSD :) Do you have a ETA on the wordpress file ? Then i will buy it asap :)

Amazing PSD theme – count me in for the HTML version!! Can’t wait!

Bought the PSDs and they’re awesome. I’m in on buying the HTML /wordpress theme, too. ;)

is expected to launch the html?

Nice theme! Will you have the WP version of it soon?

Purchased this template but when I tried to open them in Photoshop. I got lots of errors and Photoshop reported parts as being corrupted. I can only assume my version of CS is too old. :(

Nice UI, liked! Only not getting 5* because not all elements are in Shape Layers…

Hi Bunker_studios and thanks for your appreciation. However you must know that some designers like to work with shape layers while other don’t like working with them. This does not change the quality of the design and the perfect organisation of the layers, as well as the fact that for $10 you are getting a design worth at least $2000 in the real world.

In one aspect you are right, the relation between price/quality is perfect but if you created the elements on PS (or even with AI, using Smart Objects), why the need to rasterize those layers?

Good job though!

How can i move my Blog from one theme to another?


is it complicated for beginners? Where can I see a demo of “Wedding Day”?


Well, I am not sure what you are asking me here. The “Wedding Day” website is a HTML /CSS template, not a WordPress/Blogger template. A demo for it you can see here: http://girlscancode.com/weddingday/

Best, Gabriela

Hi, can I use this theme for wordpress? Tks!

I just purchased this and the banner in the header is completely different then the preview, with some sawtooth like effect. I looked through the different layers and did not see the banner as shown in all of the previews…. where can I find the banner as shown in all of the previews & screenshots? I do not like the sawtooth effect

Any idea what would cause this or how I can get a different header that looks correct?

Hi grantwnorma – the behavior you are describing is very strange. Can you please send me a message through my profile page so I can email you a new file to see if that works better for you?

I figured it out it was the nested layer feature of the newer version. I downloaded the CC version and was able to pull it out the header and un-nest it and this made it compatible with CS4. Thanks!

I need htlm/css version. How i can buy it