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Nice wedding invitation! GLWS! :)

Thanks a lot!

Good job!Good luck :)

Thank you so much!

This is an interesting idea, I have seen wedding invitations only on videohive until now :) Congratulations for your idea, best of luck!

Thanks a lot! To be honest, I never checked but was sure there is plenty of such things around the web, I did not think the idea is special! Thank you, you surprised me.


Interesting idea.

FYI, It doesn’t work properly on 1366x screens.The first slider fits the window but for others, I needed to scroll down the page but It doesn’t let me.


Hi, thanks a lot! This is strange, especially because my Windows where I tested in IE and Chrome is 1366! I hope the problem is in TF top bar, I know it sometimes causes various problems with viewing templates, both on desktops and iphones…

Run to Windows, checked with TF top bar and again everything works normally, can not say anything…

Love it, beautiful design as always :)

Thank you, my dear!

Thank you!

Its an amazing design and concept !!! Love it :)

Thanks a lot!

el enlace al correo imposible de encontrar

Communication here is in English solely. Best.

Hi! I adore this wedding invitation! Is it possible to buy it with PHP files?

Hello, thank you! It exists only as HTML (since it is one page template, there are actually no repeating blocks which might be wrapped into php). Thank you!