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Hi, I wonder can the send message function be linked to my email account so that I can read people’s messages? Thanks a lot!

Hi sunnydream, you just have to edit php file you got inside package. It’s written in instructions.

Hi, I wonder can the send message function be linked to my email account so that I can read people’s messages? Thanks a lot!

a small question. I wonder how to change the overlay color for the fancy box photos as well as for the self intro pop up window ( right now it’s a greenish grey, you can also see this color by rolling the mouth over to “about us” photos). I looked through the codes and didn’t find where to change it. Thanks!

Hi sunnydream,

you can find and change this colour in main.js file. Sections looks like

        //showCloseButton : false,
        overlayColor: '#68787b',
        overlayOpacity: 0.78,
        titlePosition: 'inside',
        padding: 27

Hello, Is it possible to get a guestbox that can be reviewed before publish ? And the height of the photo box (band), can I change it Thanks

I’m not sure what do you mean exactly. Please, send us private message.


Do you guys have any Recommendations as to how I can get the site to maintain its layout on a tablet and phone? The site looks great on our various desktops/laptops, but some of the most important information gets cut out on our phones/tablets. Thanks.

Hi mpopeney, it would help a lot if you posted what device(s) you use (and some screenshots optionally). Feel free to send us private message.

Thank you for this really great site! I love it, it’s really easy to install and tweak. The only problem i’m having is with the send.php. I’ve filled in my e-mail address on line 3. My hosting supports the latest PHP but after filling in several forms on the site, no mails are received. Even not on several different mailaddress i’ve put in send.php

Any ideas how to solve this?

You should send us private message with URL . It is very possible that your hosting don’t have mail server (it is necessary for sending them).

Hello, I am having hard times with adding new links such as reservations, event schedule and wedding services. Links don’t work when you click it. How can I solve the problem? If you want to you check the link www.gamefry.net/leetest about what I am trying to do.


Hi pritz,

open js/main.js and replace line 6 with

$('nav a[class!="external"]').click(function(ev){

For every external link in navigation, add class=”external” and everything will work fine. Example link:

<a href="http://www.themeforest.net" class="external">Test link</a>


i have a question. I donwload this theme and the index works on my desctop. When i upload the files with cyberduck on my server, i cant see anything. “You don’t have permission to access /index.html on this server.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.” what does it mean.? Thank you cylanca

You should check your server permissions. This is not an issue wit our theme. Cheers!

Used it for a surprise, she loved it!


Quick question, if you open up the external link, blog, is there a way to expand the div class code for where the actual text is? If I spaced the paragraphs the text flows underneath the next div class.

Nice, congrats!

I see you used second page for Blog, you need to style the text just to fit the theme. You want anchor point so when you open Blog page jumps to that section? In that case here’s how you do it http://www.echoecho.com/htmllinks08.htm


Hello there,

I’m writing ‘cuz I’ve bought the Wedding Invite .html template, downloaded it and it works fine when used on my desktop, but as soon as I upload everything in the same folder structure to any host it stops working.

Every dynamic feature (image slider, page slider, mouse over, etc.) does not work properly.

Do you have any idea of what is may causing it? Any suggestions on what I should do?

here is the link http://may25.eu/

Thank you in advance. This is very much appreciated.

Hello salvgan, I think we solved this over the email some time ago, didn’t we? It was your upload/host problem if I can recall?

Curious: Could you change the photo slideshow to be embedded video?


After updating the images , in local design and site works properly , When published in server images are not visible and some design issues too . Can you please help me ..!!

Good work Like it!;