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looks nice. good luck with sales.


some links are broken in preview.

For example?

Everything for me is broken except for the blog page in Google Chrome.

Works perfectly in Chrome on my end.

contact email doesn’t work in safari and firefox.

For the photo gallery it looks like the thumbnails are default set to zoom to the top left of the picture so the thumbnails look funny. Anyway to change the thumbnail to zoom out and show the whole picture?

Maybe you could try this plugin for WP http://wordpress.org/plugins/thumbnail-crop-position/

Thanks for the suggestion but no that doesn’t work. I had to resize all the images to the size of the actual thumbnail so it would the display would not look messed up.

Why on earth can’t I upload pictures properly on the homepage? The alignment is all over the place, regardless of what setting I choose.

Great theme – if you’re looking for wedding music to go with this theme please check out my collection of Classical Music for Weddings: http://audiojungle.net/collections/4276393-classical-music-for-weddings

I love this WordPress theme! It looks great but I’m unfortunately experiencing some issues when viewing it on mobile devices. I’ve tried it on an iPhone 4S and and iPhone 5S and in both instances there’s some cropping.

Would you mind connecting with me so that we can figure out if there is a simple fix? I can send screenshots if you provide me with the appropriate contact information.


This is not a responsive theme.

The instructions for this theme state: “To configure a menu go to Appearence -> Menus, and add a new menu.”

However when this theme is active, there is no “Menu” under “Appearance.”

So, I cannot make my own menu, which is a deal-breaker. I need people to get to certain pages I have made for my wedding.

Did you import sample content from xml file?

Yes, I tried. Here is a second try:

Post “Hello world!” already exists. Page “Blog” already exists. Failed to import Media “map” Failed to import Media “photo_she” Failed to import Media “photo_he” Failed to import Media “image1” Failed to import Media “image1” Failed to import Media “image1” Failed to import Media “heart” Post “Second example” already exists. Post “Third example” already exists. Post “categipsilum” already exists. Page “Sample page” already exists. Page “Page with sidebar” already exists. Post “Lorem ipsum” already exists. Post “Lorem Lorem” already exists. Post “Loremium ” already exists. Post “xxipsilum” already exists.

Whenever I attempt to “view” any of the imported pages, it just shows the front page.

No idea, should all be working properly. What version of WP do you have installed? This is a 3.5. theme.

Hi, can this theme support multiple log in or is for a single use?

Not sure I understood your question.

Hi, can multiple users create their own pages, or is this for a single use?