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Great idea for a PSD template. Excellent execution as well! Good luck with this item.

Make this an HTML site and I’ll get it!

Nice work !

Oops, the “Love Ya Like A Sister” link isn’t linking anywhere.

@ejcreatif Thanks! Link is fixed now ;)

awesome design, good luck!

Really love this a lot, keep coming back and preview the screenshots :p maybe is time to get married :D

Thanks man!

December 23, 2012 ? It’s 2 days after End of the World! XD Good concept for a template. Good luck with the sales!

Ha, ha, ha …

You should definitely make HTML5 template of this, it would sell much better. Keep up the good work. Good luck with the sales!

Make this an HTML site and I’ll get it! +1 please ;)

If someone can make this a HTML template soon. I’ll pay whatever for it. Please save me the time. I’m sure others feel the same way.

Hey Ryan, please contact us via profile page and we’ll see what we can do ;)


Any news about html version?

tks :)

Hi danieltamiosso, yes HTML version will be out by the end of this month. Follow us for more updates ;)


I cannot edit the text. money got wasted. text are not in editable layers. i ve downloaded the fonts but still unable to edit text

If you downloaded the fonts, install them and write new layer with desired text.

Hi guy! I bought your template, and i need to change the name and the picture in the header. How can i do it? I can’t write on the text, and i read you told jitendrav to make a new layer. how to make the frame around the text? Sorryy, but i’m not a graphic…

Hello rospo, first you need to open the PSD in Photoshop. Fonts used in this theme are free Google fonts so may want to download them first and install them on your system. Then create new Text layer in PS and write the names you want. Hope this helps.


Hi rockable, the font that you use are Love Ya Like A Sister and Folio Condensed. For the first one no problem, i download and install it! But i cant’ download Folio Condensed from Google Font! Can you give me the link?

I like to create the text layer, but your object is all one, with the background of the name and so on! How can i divide it to change just the name?


Folio Condensed is not a free font :( It is used for the part where I thought the text wouldn’t be changed. For the second question, yes I flattened the text so you’ll need to just erase it or color the box in white and write new text on top. Sorry, this should have been better layered :/ I hope you find your way around. Let me know.

The send.php file isn’t sending the name or e-mail address of the sender. Is there any way to fix this?

Hi aholodak,

it usually happens when there’s no mail server or PHP instance at all, but you can always send us DM.