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Nicely done guys love it, all the best.



Thanks for the Appreciation…

Clean and very cool theme. Good luck with your sales :)

Thanks for the Appreciation!

Looks wonderful, wish you the best with sales! :)

Thanks for the Appreciation :)

creative work.. good luck!

Looks Awesome and very clean :) Bookmarked for next purchase ;)

Congrats , looks wonderful.
Wish you the very best with this one.

Kind Regards,

Thanks for the Appreciation!

Beautiful work! Good luck :)

Thanks for the Appreciation!

Clean and Cool!GLWS :)

Thanks for the Appreciation!

Very nice, glws ;)

Thanks for the Appreciation!

Presale question- really like theme but clients wedding theme color is lilac, would it be easy enough to change color to this or do you have to use one of the predefined color schemes?

Its easy to change the color, if you have any issues…let us know.

Is it compatible with wordpress multisite ?

Yes! This theme is compatible with multisite.

Presale question – what if i want to add more than 5 entries in the our stroy section , say like 10, is it possible?

yes! Possible.

Very nice, GLWS;)

Great theme. I love it so far.

But I have one question. On the portfolio page, I can choose the number of images to display per page. When I view it as an external page, there is pagination at the bottom to view all the images. But when the portfolio page is one-page format, there is no pagination.

Is there a way to get pagination on the portfolio section in one-page mode?

First of All, Thanks for the Purchase :-)

Sorry. The One-Page Template carries many sections like Blog, Portfolio, etc. And so, in the One Page mode, adding pagination to the particular section is not possible.

Thanks for purchasing our Wedding Wp Theme

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Hoping for a revert in rating from your side :)

hey i love the theme and am getting on ok so far just one slight issue i am using the one page template as i like the paralex function but it seems now that the site is live i have somehow lost that can you help please

cheers adam

Please check whether you have done the following process,

(a). Go To Page (all pages) -> Edit -> “Parallax Title Options” Metabox -> Switch “YES” to enable Parallax Scrolling for the Page.

Refer this Screenshot –

(b). And then,

(1). Go To Buddha Panel ( Wedding ) -> General -> “General Tab” -> Scroll towards “Others” field.
(2). Find “Globally Disable Parallax Title” section, and Switch “NO” to Enable the Parallax Scrolling.

Refer this Screenshot –

I just purchased and installed this theme. I am not seeing the parallax effect as it is shown in the demo: – It appears very 2-dimensional.

I also do not see the custom scrollbar. Both are enabled as well.

Please advise.

I updated my permalinks and now they both are functioning properly.

Is there any way to disable the zoom effect on the bride and groom photos?

Please let me know.

You have to add both the “image” tag and link, after the bride & the groom title as shown here –

Note: Inside Page Attribute, set the template as “One-Page Template”

If you still find any difficulties, please send your WP and FTP Credentials through the right bottom form @

That is the same response you left below. I did not ask the same question as the user below. IF YOU READ MY QUESTION YOU WILL SEE THAT.

Please respond accordingly.

Sorry for the mistake happened!

Please follow the below steps, to disable the zoom effect on the bride and groom photos.

Go to your site server folder -> wp-content -> themes -> wedding -> open style.css file -> Comment/Remove the following line (from 463 to 469).
.portfolio .dt-sc-one-half figure img:hover { border-radius:50%; height:450px; width:450px; margin-left:-20px; margin-top:-5px; }

Hello purchased the theme, i am having trouble figuring out how to change the two main pic on the one page layout. All i see is the two gray circle with the size 450×450. How do i insert my pic there. Thank you

(a). Go to Wp-admin -> Pages -> One Page ( )
(b). Switch to Text editor mode, where you will find the bride and groom section shortcode.
(c). Replace the image links ( ) in the respective shortcode.
(d). Save it and check your site online!

Note: Don’t forget to rate our theme, if you have not done it yet.

Please try the above process and let us know if the issue continues!

Please read the question through before you answer, as you gave me the same answer twice already, and its not working. There is no image link to be replaced. The image link is not there. so can you give the Respective shortcode links. And then tell me were in the line of code it goes. Detail please. Thank You

You have to add both the “image” tag and link, after the bride & the groom title as shown here –

Note: Inside Page Attribute, set the template as “One-Page Template”

If you still find any difficulties, please send your WP and FTP Credentials through the right bottom form @

Responsive Issue

I am having issues when I test the site from a mobile platform;

  • Cell Phone
  • Tablet
It doesn’t seem to be responsive, or even show up on a mobile device. Do you have any fixes for this? Any advice would be helpful. ?

Thank You, and very nice layout, easily adjustable.

Donald Merrill

We are not clear with your query. Please provide us a clear Screenshot/Video of the issue, which you are facing now. So that we can offer you an exact fix!

Hello again author. I figured out the responsive issue. I have another question. I am currently using the black and yellow theme. I have been searching for days and cannot find the hex color codes to change the trim of the site from yellow to red.

For achieving this, you have to create your own custom skin as explained below:

(a). Open skins folder from your theme directory, where we’ve added 7 different skin folders.
(b). Just copy and paste any of the folder, and rename it with a new skin name (or color name).
(c). Open the newly created folder, and rename the .CSS file with the new skin name (eg: “skinname.css”)
(d). And then, edit the .CSS file of your new custom skin. ( Just like the color, background and border color hex codes with your new custom skin color as needed ).
(e). Now, the new custom skin folder will gets visible on your Buddha Panel skin settings.
(f). Choose your newly added skin, and save the changes.

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Hello dear Support,

First i want to say the theme looks awesome!

I have installed the theme on: But i found two issues: - The scroll to top button is missing - Header menu right is standing right but also left?

What have i done wrong or what is the problem?

Please advise.

Regards Dennis

I solved the problem. I have to select to select the menu location.

Oh, that’s amazing!!

Hope you are happy with our Theme. Please don’t forget to rate it! We will be pretty much happy with 5 stars :-)