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awesome thema good job

thanks Mr Johrans

Nice work! Good luck with sales ;)

thank you very much

Good job!Good luck with sales…. :)

thank you very much…

Just stumbled across this & mightily impressed….Well Done!

thanks leftfooter :)

The download i purchased is missing the TGM Example Plugin: supposed to be wp-content/themes/wedding/lib/plugins/tgm-example-plugin.zip, however isn’t there, please help

everything very easy, mail me ftp, admin details we will help you.

go to Wedding Slide >General Settings > Portfolio(categories). select the Category …ie “Choose what categories you want in the portfolio section”.

“Please select the page as a Portfolio Template”

I am having the same issue with the TGM Example Plugin. There are no categories to choose from in the portfolio selection portion. Please assist.

download the latest version… this issue is rectified. about the portfolio and categories setup please go through the Documentation. if any thing mail me the wp login and url details we will help you.

That worked! Thanks a bunch.

Thanks Mr deftroy

Why i cannot see the preview. Please help :(

Thanks Dear :)

Why i cannot add pages??

you can add pages … if you want to appear in the top menu… go to theme option and see the settings

Having trouble getting the Google Map to show up on the contact page. When I try to add with the embed code (without iframe info!) I get a blank box.

send me your wp login info, url by mail we will go through it

Is it compatible with wordpress multisite ?

sorry, can i get some more explanation …

Great work! Is it compatible with the qTranslate plugin? (multi-language support). I need the site to be available in two languages.

right now ! we didn’t checked this with qTranslate plugin .. we will check and get back to you

How do I customize the CONTACT/RSVP page? It’s not located in the Pages section or anywhere else. Please help!

Please use “Contact form 7” plugin and Please go through the documentation.

see the short on the option panel … mail me wp login details and URL, we will give free support.

Anyone else getting the Google Map appearing off center? The map on the contact page, and any other map I add to other pages seems to appear with the designated address off the page (to the upper left).

It doesn’t seem to do it when you load directly to the <site>/#contact page, but only you change to it from the home page.

can you mail me the domain and wp login details we will check and get back to you.


Edigital, have you had a chance to look at my previous comments problem?

Some additional things I’ve tweaked and you might want to to:
  • The portfolio only shows 10 posts by default, edit the ‘template-portfolio.php’ page to return all posts by adding: $query_string =”cat=$cat_id&order=ASC&posts_per_page=-1”;
  • Spelling mistake on front page, “Were Getting Married …” should be “We’re”...
  • By default the time on the front assumes your wedding starts in the AM, this can be edited in the theme-wedding.php page, search for “AM – ” (around line 56.)
  • There is no check to see if you have a twitter feed, it always appears.
  • The email link doesn’t map to an mailto: link, it just has #, update this around line 175 of theme-wedding.php

thanks for the updates, we will check your problems asap

This is the best thema! I would like to buy, but I have several question. Is it to supported foreign languages??? Czech hooks above the letters? Is it supported last version WP 3.8.1?

Thanks a lot.

we are halfway since your urgency… if you need we will setup one language + English using Qtranslate at free of cost

It is possible to set up Czech language and send it to my mail, please? I bought a template.

sure send me a wp login details we will setup

The same issue. Differs that we’ve already purchased and could not save any users’ settings on 3.8.1 Any plans to update?

mail me wp login we will check it

suresh@edigtaldreams.com came back – could you please write your address to pva-pva@mail.ru

Question, my client like your template but we need the Count down, can be this incorporated in the template?, Thanks I will appreciate your reply so i can get the template asap. Thanks again. F

did you get my email? I send you early the login info, thanks

got your email we are working on this

Hi there,

I tried emailing you but it came back as delivery failed. I was wondering how I can get the hover graphic turned off in the wedding album? my email is rachelrosela@gmail.com thanks!

to remove wedding album mouse over …

1. go to js/custom.js and open the file.

2.go to Isotope Portfolio Section 3. Remove this section

// Portfolio on mouse over image Adipoli animation var jQuerycontainer = jQuery(’#portfolio-list’); jQuerycontainer.find(‘img’).adipoli({ ‘hoverEffect’ : ‘boxRainGrowReverse’, ‘startEffect’ : ‘transparent’, ‘animSpeed’ : 200, });

Hello, a have a question to you – how to change the front side on your template: themeforest-6000886-wedding-slide-responsive-wedding-invite-wordpress, which I buyed – I mean, this two heats and how to put there other details/change description of those? This is very important. Thank you for your help

Thank you, Joanna

I send mail on suresh@edigitaldreams.com anda mail backed to me…:/

something problem at your end… put cc to this id gsure21@yahoo.com


I just purchase your template and when I set up “Your latest posts” as a home page everything is fine, but when it’s set up as a “static” – this is how I want – I have “Search, Archives and Meta” in the place, where widgets are. Can you help me with this please?

Regards Robert

this is simple wedding invite template… and here you can create the blog page separately. no widgets are here.

Can I have your eMail please, so I can explain a bit more what I mean.