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very nice work.. good sales ;)

Thank you :)

Another Awesome Template ! Good Luck entiri :)

Thank you again :)

when I load….it says stylesheet is missing

love it – fresh! glws

Thank you

micmer this is an html site template it is not a Wordpress theme

It is so described by the author.

“Wedding vow is a responsive single side HTML wedding template with 12-column grid based on Twitter Bootstrap framework. With its unique desing it’s a great way to show your friends the best day of your life. This template uses the latest HTML5 and CSS3 technologies. “

Many thanks man

Great work! Good price, well documented!

Really thanks!

How can I configure the contact form?

Hello, there is no contact form, it’s blog / comment form, and u will need to set up connection do DB to get it working

Hello! Is it possible to use video in local or in vimeo inside your modal box? Thanks ;) Florent

Yes u can add videos inside gallery just change and when you click on it, it will load video inside light box.. if u need more help please contact us through support@entiri.com

link example: <a href="link to video"></a>

great template, thanks! ;)

Thank you

Hi Entiri,

Great theme, love it!

Couple of questions for you. - my gallery section is getting messed up, especially when you slide to the second and third pagination.

- also, my site doesn’t show up on mobile anymore. but when it did, the light box photos showed up in a tiny photo window instead of expanded. any clue as to why this would happen?



Hi, your images in second slide are too small, so wordpress cannot crop them properly and just stretches them. Use images at least 960×640.

Best regards

Hello! Nice Theme! I want to buy this one, but I’m having some problems with the Gallery section. The paginator doesnt shows up, I need to scroll down to see… I’m scared if someone visit my website and couldn’t see the paginator and loose some pictures!

Is that a bug?



Hello could you please send us screenshot to support@entiri.com so we can look at it and fix it.

Best regards

can you add a rsvp form instead of contact?

Hi, How can I open my page with a modal window without click any button?


we are not so sure what do you mean by “modal window without click any button”, could you be more specific.

Best regards.

I want to open the web page automatically load a video without having to click any buttons.

I would also like to know how to make contact form work and how to put more text on the main circle, which says Daniel & Alex Wedding Vow to increase one or two more lines with the date and place.

How do you add a video in the header? I’ve tried everything and it won’t load… No instructions provided either.

How do you add a video in the header? I’ve tried everything and it won’t load… No instructions provided either.

Hello everyone! We have launched a new support forum. We believe that we will improve flexibility in responding to your questions. We will also add FAQs for quick answers that do not require discussion. Have a nice day!

Hi, I’d like to buy this theme – but please give me an advice – I’m going to buy this kind of product first time in my life.

I see HTML template here for 14$ and also WordPress Theme of the same template here http://themeforest.net/item/wedding-vow-responsive-wordpress-theme/4779051 but for 35$

As I undestood well from the comments before, buying the HTML template means nothing else than html code in one file without IMG, CSS, JScript, etc?

Am I right? So it means that if somebody would like to use it for his wedding the Wordpress Theme from 35$ should be bought?