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Really Nice theme!

The live preview is not working. I found it while browsing your site but the TF link goes to 404.

Seams to be a problem from Envato. We’ll post a support ticket. Cheers.

(later edit: Solved, it’s working now!)

beautiful, check here for a direct and correct link:

Thanks mate.

compliments again ! : )

Thanks again! :)

nice work, I just want to know if the reservation form include php files. Gracias.

Yes we are working on exactly that as we speak. We’ll make the update and let you know when the files are up.

Please tell me you will do a wordpress version, this is beautiful!

We always do WP version for all our projects. The WP is available for sale now on our website, not on ThemeForest. Unfortunately I can’t give you the link, because of Envato terms of conditions.


To warn when this one I complete the files php. cheers

I like the ‘icons’ you made as thumbs (80×80px) for every theme you made. They give your themes more personality. And this theme got a lot of it :)

Thanks mate!

Great Theme! Any chance of having a dark version?

Sorry, no dark version for this one.

Does the reservation module actually works?

Nice theme. Is now included PHP files to reservation form?

Yes, the contact form and reservation form are working.

wow very nice…

I absolutely love this template and couldn’t stop working on it last night! In your documentation I found some features I couldn’t find in the files. When will those be added?

Thanks a lot mate.

Yes we are still working on 2 things: the contact form and the reservation form. What happened was that we put the files up and it usually takes 3, 4 days to get approved, and in the mean time we had time to work on those last things :) and update the files after the item was up in a matter of minutes.

The project got live in a couple of hours :) and here we are. We still need a day or 2, but we’ll make the update with the contact and reservation form working.

We’ll keep you in the loop.

Very Nice,

Man I wish you had this in a WordPress version… it would be off the charts.

But good work anyway,.. Good luck with sales.. :)


We actually have it in WP ;), but don’t sell it here on ThemeForest. Unfortunately I can’t share a link because of Envatos’ Terms and Conditions.


...very nice! BOOKMARKED !

I, very beautiful template!! But, i don’t find the sendmail.php? Where i take? R

the update is already in Themeforest’ review queue, so it should be up pretty soon

the update is already in Themeforest’ review queue, so it should be up pretty soon

Great theme, but check it on IE9 , the fonts arent’ displayed correcly (the same problem is on your website…)

IE 9 is (as always with IE) pretty poor at respecting standards, and needs a bit of tweaking to make it look the same as in standard compliant browsers like Chrome, FF, Safari, etc. We’ll get to fixing everything soon

Beautiful work – Very tempted to buy – especially if the reservation system might work ultimately!

Any update on the reservation update?

The update with the Reservation files (PHP) is already submitted to Themeforest, and it’s currently in the review queue… so it should be up in the following hours.