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hi, is it somehow possible to use reservation form in other templates ?

not sure if it will work design wise or coding wise. But it’s worth a shot, if you are / have a good developer… we don’t have anythings against it.


I will buy your template soon, looks good. But can you name the custom font name you use there?

Thank You!

Sure mate,

There are 2 custom fonts: one is called Melbourne and one Journal.

Hope this helps. Cheers.

Hey ThemeFuse,

I was wondering if the reservation system is working? Is there some kind of plugin in the backend? Does it register something or is it “just” a demo form?

The layout looks great btw!

Kind regards, Movas

Hey Movas,

Thanks for the interest. The reservation form is working like this: it’s sends an email with the dates and info the user inputs in the fields, so it’s like a contact form. It’s doesn’t have an actual reservation mechanism in the back end. An of course, being a HTML theme it doesn’t have a back end :)

Hope this helps. Cheers

Really Beautyful.

Do you have this for wordpress?

Yes, on our website. Can’t share the link here due to Envato policies.

Is the PHP for the Newsletter included?

No, only the contact form php.

Any chance of a wordpress version soon? Thanks.

we have it already on our website :) (can’t share the link here though, because of envato policies)

Sorry I saw that you do offer WP. Thanks, I bought the html to start.

Hi, I Purchased Another Htlm Template and I was wondering on this what is the name of the brush font on this template?


the font’s name is journal, and it’s a free font

First, thank you for an excellent template.

Your code seems to be a bit spotty when it comes to the different versions. Checkout your own version of the theme:

Where is the send button image? I at least cannot see it.

Having the same problem on my version.

Ah, a bug must have crept in. We’ll take a look and make an update.


I have a problem with reservation calendar. I would like to translate the letters M, T, W, T, M, S, S. Which files can I find them?

Many thanks!

Please be so kind and use the dedicated support forum. We don’t answer support questions here in the comments. It’s hard to track b others that might encounter the same issue.

Thanks a bunch for the understanding.

Do you provide the full working reservation PHP with this design? Also, can it be changed from check-in/check-out to only one day reservation (hair salon) style?


Thank you for the great template. I purchased it and LOVE it! Really cool results.

I do have one question, now that the site is live, I noticed that the reservation form does not send me an email the information submitted by the individual. Could you kindly let me know what could potentially be the issue?

I will really appreciate if you could help me with that request.

Thank you, Vadim

Co-founder Exclusive Sport Rentals

Hello Vadim, please post your question (with as many details as possible) on our dedicated support forum at and our support team will help you out in no time. We prefer to give support there, because it’s easier to follow.

Haha, take a look at their themes and then at ours and take a wild guess. Thanks for pointing the link out.

@ jins: looks like tribevita released after themefuse. Maybe connected to themefuse or outright thieves.

@themefuse: great template but the only thing I see as missing is an actual page for each room. I am creating my own for mine but it would be great to have one included so each room/unit could be linked to and from for other reservation systems. Also would be great to have prettypicture galleries for each.

Thanks, Kai

Yes you can create that on your own very easily, if you have some HTML /CSS skills. In the WP version its easier though, you just create and page and add short codes to it, and that’s it.

Cheers and thanks for your business.

Hi there love the theme, great work!

I would like to use it for a boat rental site and wondered if the calendar could be changed to store dates when the boat is unavailable? IE if I booking had been made in the last week in August the week would appear in red and not be selectable?

Any thoughts would be great.

Many Thanks.

hello there, please bear in mind that this is the HTML version and storing dates into the database is a feature that only a site with a CMS admin can make (like WordPress version, for example)

Hi and thanks for the quick reply. Yeah I understand. Is it a functionality that you could add at a cost?


Yes sure, we are working with some certified partners that could help you with the custom work. Check out our WP Professionals page on our website. These guys are doing wp customizations usually, but they are more then qualified to help you with your HTML theme.


Hi there. i both this template but i have a question. my customer didnt like the green color on the reservation calender. how can i change the color on the background of the numbers, icons and the name of months? Thanks for your help.

please post your question on our dedicated Support Forum ( and we will help you customize the template there.

hello i just bought your template and i dont know how exactly i can change the text and the pictures?

Please come by our dedicated Support Forum ( and post your question there. Our guys will help you in no time

how do i remove 1 of 10 etc when you click on a picture on the gallery page. thanks

Please post on the dedicated Support Forum (

hi, Just installed and got the message Stylesheet missing?

4_Main_File ?????????? ?? ????? ???? (CSS). Installed the zip as WP advised.


To install the theme you need to unzip the content of the downloaded file. If you would upload it as a zip file you would get a error: Stylesheet is missing. This happens because the theme folder is in another folder and the installer can’t find style.css file which is located in theme folder. So, unzip the downloaded file and you would get a Theme_name Standard folder for Standard Package and Theme_name Developer for Developer Package. Also, check this forum post: