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I wonder if the contact form will send me the dates of the reservation.


Yes it will send you the dates. Cheers.

Thanks i bought it. Excellent work. 100% recomendado!

I have a question. I need the image prettyphoto slider on the horizontal menu. I copy/paste the code on the bar but when i click, nothing hppens,

I know that is not your bussines help me on that, but can you tell me where i need to take a look at?


for any questions regarding our themes, please come by our dedicated Support Forum and post your issues there. It’s way more easier to follow the conversation there than here on Themeforest’s comment board.

Where is the FONT pack? I didn´t find it anywhere in the pack… :(

we are not allowed to distribute the fonts, but they are free and can be found here: and here:

Can you send me an email explaining me how to put down the tempo of the gallery please? I cant find where to ask in the new thing. Thanks

we’ve replied via our forum, where you seem to have manage to post your question. Please follow that thread, thanks!

great theme!

i’ve been working on this theme but once i uploaded it the slider images all went crazy on the main page (in the index.html).

Do you know why that might be? Also, the calendar for the reservation didn’t show up.

Thanks!! This theme is absolutely beautiful!! Can’t wait to get everything fixed up!

please post your question on our dedicated Support Forum at and our support team will help you out in no time.

Nice theme! One question:

Saw your update “we have included the PHP files for the reservation page.”, does that mean both the CONTACT FORM and RESERVATION FORM are working? Just wanna make sure before buying it. Thanks!


Yes both are working, the reservation form and also the contact form.

Hi there,

Just found that you have already mentioned about the forms, so pls igore my previuos questions.

I do have one question though. I plan to buy this theme and tweak it (like customize color, change background, add div, etc). I have basic knowledge on html & CSS but I have never worked with WordPress before. Understanding WordPress has point and drag function, but will it limit the ability to tweak the website at the same time? Wanna hear your advice before deciding which version to buy. Is this theme easier to be tweaked on WordPress than HTML ?

Many Thanks!! Brilliant theme BTW !! Edith


It actually depends primarily if you want a website with static content, like a corporate website or a website with dynamic content that is changed often. In a HTML template if you want to edit, add or delete pages you need to do it manually and you have to have HTML /CSS skills.

I always recommend the WordPress version, it’s much more powerful and has comes ready to use from the box. note that the WordPress version of Welcome Inn is sold exclusively on our website. Can’t share the link here sorry.

Hope this helps. let me know if I could help you with anything else.

hello very nice template, this support special characters like ñ Ñ í ó ú é á ? because if I buy it going to to translate it to spanish.

Would you help me which parts need to be translate it to Spanish, please?.

the newsletter work?

thanks in advance,


The “cursive” (script) font doesnt have all these characters, but it can be easily changed with something like Arial which includes all characters. The newsletter part just stores the email addresses of the people that add themselves to your newsletter list into a database.


Love the theme, one quick Q, is there a gallery summary page in the HTML version. I only have one room and want images to display on the page and when clicked enlarge?

Hope that makes sense.


Having the “no Send Button” problem like Kaiser7 (top of pg 5) unless I change the “class=” but form still doesn’t work…was this resolved and can I get a yes or no. As far as the forums, I’ve looked, maybe not well enough, but I take it that the “newsletter” option only works on wp version? Also, I can’t find the php template file that you talk about. The contact form is NOT working on my end. “contact form issue” on forums is listed as NOT RESOLVED . Pls advise thank you

please send us a link of your online project and FTP details at and we’ll fix this for you in no time. The Newsletter function is only working in the WordPress version.

Looking to purchase this theme too. Does the reversation/booking form work in the same way as the contact form does? ie: change email address to receive email enquiry or potential booking?

Can I amend certain dates to “booked/full” to show anyone booking certain dates have been taken?

The answer for the first question is “Yes”, indeed is exactly as stated by you. For the second question, this being only a HTML template, it can not have a dynamic (real) calendar with booked days and all. For that you’ll need the WordPress version, available exclusively on our website.

Hi, I am trying to purchase “Welcome Inn, Spa & Ski Resort HTML Theme” but i want to make sure this theme is a “wordpress” theme. Would you confirm this? Also there are three version and i am interested on the “Ski” version which i am not sure how to purchase that particular one.

Thanks, Sergio

the WordPress version is already available on our own website (can’t post link here)


Email sent. thanks for the template its beautiful!

kind regards



thanks for the nice theme.

I just want to know if it is possible to set the reservation to a minium of five nights?I find a way to translate the month and days but that is all.

Thank you in advance


Hello there, sorry for the late reply. Please come over to our Support Forum ( and our team will help you out in no time.

I am looking to purchase the HTML version on the welcome inn theme, will the reservations page still work and does it show on the calender if a certain date is already booked?

Thanks in advance, and you have a nice theme here.

What you are looking for is not posible with this HTML version of our theme. You need the WordPress version for that.

Just where is this custom.css file? I give up!

Ups, forgot to create it. Just create an empty custom.css file and link it in the HTML under the style.css in the < head >. This is to be used if you want to modify the css style, by copying classes form style.css into custom.css. If you link the custom.css under the style.css in the HTML , then the code from the custom.css will overwrite the one from the default style. Hope this helps.

When submitting a contact form, or reservation request the default message is “We’ll get back to you within 2 days” – where can I change this?


Hello Steve, sorry for the late reply. You can change that text from ” senmail.php ” – you can find it right in the root folder. Open it with a text editor, find the text, and change it. Save and you’re done.


I want to have a different email for the forms only. I want the booking request and messages to go to our booking email.

But I still want all admin emails to go to my email.

How do I set a different email?


please post your question on our dedicated Support Forum ( where our guys will help you out in no time. We prefer this method as it is easier to follow the conversation than here, and also helps others that might encounter the same issue.

I’m trying to install the template but I’m having some problems. wordpress show this message:

The following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have a stylesheet and a template. Name Description Welcome Inn Standard Stylesheet is missing.

the design you bought is not a WordPress theme, as its name implies it’s the HTML version. The WP is available exclusively on our website.

How about Translation, Language Selection? I guess, since you don’t wrote anything about it, that there is nothing implementet to run the template in different languages? Ok I just saw it’s the html version, but is there a template including translation and language selection?


no transaltion, since this is just the HTML version.