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Good morning, I’ve bought Welcome Inn theme HTML but I need the wordpress theme not the HTML version. Is there a way to upgrade or change my version to the WP theme? regards, Jerzy

yes, please send us an email at hello at themefuse dot com

hello , i need to buy the wordpress theme, where can i find it??

it’s available on our own website (can’t post link due to Themeforest rules).

Hello, how can I change the format of the reservation date from dd-mm-yyyy to mm-dd-yyyy ? Many thanks

please post your questions on our dedicated Support Forum ( where our guys will help you out in no time. Doing it this way is easier to follow and faster, plus it gives access to other users that might encounter the same issue as you.

Hi there, Have you got wordpress version on this theme please? Thanks. If yes, I’ll make a purchase.


yes, all our WordPress themes are available on our own website. (i’m afraid i can’t post the link here)

Hi! Is there a way to change language to spanish on the reservation calendar?

yes, open the HTML and translate what you need in spanish.

Hi. I love this template and wanted to customize it for my business, however, I need a “gallery” page. Is there one included in the template? Nice work. Thanks.

Besides the homepage slider the theme doesn’t have another gallery, but being a HTML theme, it’s very easy to implement and create one.


I’ve bought Welcome Inn theme HTML (from here – ) but I need the WordPress theme not the HTML version. Is there a way to upgrade or change my version to the WP theme?

The HTML one is of absolutely no use to me…..

Can you please let me know.

Thanx & regards,

Ricky Noronha Online—Goa.

the WordPress is available on our own website… can’t post link here due to Envato rules. Send us an email and we’ll figure something out (find the contact form in our profile page here on TF or at hello [at] themefuse [dot] com).

Hello, i bought the html theme, but i get some troubles with the newsletter sign up box. it doesn’t work… how can i edit ?

It doesn’t work because this is the HTML version. You’ll need to implement newsletter subscription yourself. To edit the file, you need to open the .html in a HTML editor like DreamWaver for Windows or Coda for Mac.

How to use on WP and how to install theme?

see the reply below

Why i install WordPress this theme can’t use. i don’t understand.

because it’s not a WordPress theme – as the title, main image and description says, this is the HTML version. The WP is only available outside Themeforest, on our own website (can’t post link due to Envato rules)

i thing i buy WordPress theme. i don’t need HTML .

you can get it from our website (sorry, can’t post the link here)

Can i upgrade or you can discount for me?

Yes you can. send us an email from our profile page and we’ll pick it up from there. Cheers.

Can you send me Wordpress theme? I think I buy this theme for WordPress :(((

I’m afraid I can’t just send you the WP theme. I can send you a discount for the money you already paid for the HTML here on ThemeForest. You can use the voucher to purchase the WP theme on our website.

Please send un a short email on and I’ll reply with the voucher.

under the div class=”menu-header”, we have home, about us, rooms, rates, location, reservations, news and promo, shortcodes, contact.

For my website, I have only home, about us , location and contact. So when I delete the other ones. the alignment comes to the left. I want it to be center-aligned. May I know how to do this? Thanks

I have very little wordpress experience and had someone build our website I am looking for a very simple that will automatically recognize a mobile device and present the mobile theme. I have installed WP Mobile Detector plugin. I want to be able to customize the theme to show : About Us Services Testimonials Book an Appointment (points to Contact Us

Can the theme pull information form the main website or is their an admin function where I can enter this information. Thnak-you for your assistance.

this is not a Wordpress theme, it’s just the HTML version

Hello, What can I do to make work the newsletter form????


Just give me a link to support forum.

The link to view the demo version is broken, can they fix it? This theme works on Wordpress?


Yes, we had some issues with the demo servers but it’s all fix and working as a charm now.

hi, I was wondering what file i have to edit to be able to insert the email for the contact us form please help

It’s in the documentation. Aha, got you … you didn’t open the docs (: No worries here is a link to read it online on our website.

sorry for newbie question: i dont understand how to edit these kind of templates. I did purchase anther similar in the past (not At Themeforest) but i wasnt able to modify it in a wysiwyg way. i read various comments into Themeforest and all coder tell “you have to use line-code-editotrs” , that are very difficult for a non coder guy. and if i try toi use these html templates into a web editor like Kompozer, it is almost impossible, layout is completely different and if i touch ANY section…fonts grow Up, Columns move on another place, result is totally unusable. i LIKE your template, but befor buy: any suggestion to help me?

As I see it you have 2 options:

Option 1. You start learning HTML and CSS. Purchase a HTML editor like Dreamwaver for Windows or Coda for Mac and modify the theme to your needs.

Option 2. Hire a developer to do it for you.

Hope this helps.