Welldone - Joomla VirtueMart ecommerce theme

Welldone - Joomla VirtueMart ecommerce theme

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Version 1.0.187, June 30, 2017

- Joomla updated to 3.7.2
- Joomla translations upgraded
- Upgraded JCE Editor to 2.6.16
- Upgraded Maximenu CK to 8.2.3
- Upgraded VirtueMart to 3.2.2
- Documentation upgraded
- Fix: When Friendly URLs used big picture on the blog page is not show up
- Fix: Unclickable titles in the blog list
- Fix: More reviews button doesn't work correctly
- Fix: Reviews counter is not correct
- Some minor fixes    

Version 1.0.168, January 30, 2017

- Updated Joomla to 3.6.5
- PHPMailer class updated to 5.2.22
- Translations updated
- Fix: In forms, the text in the required fields is red
- Fix: Search pop up window doesn't show properly when the page is scrolled even slightly

Version 1.0.155, December 2

- VM updated to 3.0.18
- Updated Maximenu CK to 8.1.12
- Updated JCE Editor to 2.6.0
- When opening the search bar the cursor automatically placed in the search input. Also it possible to close the search page by pressing escape.
- Documentation minor changes
- Style fix for landing layout
- Fix: No styles for payment and shipment select layouts
- Fix: Layout fix for reCaptcha
- Fix: Empty shopping cart shows price
- Fix: Broken header style in landing category layout
- Fix: For Max header layout not available float header
- Fix: Fatal error in landing category layout
- Fix: Broken small header
- Fix: Class suffix does not apply for some reason

Version 1.0.135, November 14

- Added Disqus Comments plugin (disabled by default)
- Joomla updated to 3.6.4
- VM updated to 3.0.16
- Maximenu CK updated to 8.1.11
- Freestyle Testimonials updated to 1.13.2
- JCE Editor updated to 2.5.31
- ScriptMerge updated  to 0.10.11
- Other Joomla updates
- Documentation updated
  - Added Art catalogue layout switch instructions
  - Added instructions for Disqus Comments plugin
  - Other minor changes
- Installation fix
- Fix: Big picture instead of thumbnail image
- Fix: Reset and Remind page has broken layout
- Fix: Pagination is not visible
- Fix: PPcarousel: remove obfuscated files
- Fix: JComments has no style
- Fix: Wrong JComments date format
- Some style minor fixes

Version 1.0.111, August 8

- Added PHP7 support
- Added Add Custom CSS module/plugin
- Added custom.css file for you own CSS lines
- Joomla updated to 3.6.2
- JCE Editor updated to 2.5.18
- Updated TCPDF component to 2.3.2
- Fix: Breadcrumbs double slashes
- Fix: Add to cart confirmation message is not centered on mobile devices
- Fix: Compare button does not work
- Fix: Image zoom does not work sometimes on the product page
- Fix: Megamenu mobile version
- Fix: Removed duplicate message "Must have at least 2 products to compare" 
- Fix: Remove 'double type' on product for touch devices
- Fix: Cart disappears in menu bar when scroll down
- Fix: Phone version has no cart module
- By default VirtueMart 404 error handler disabled
- Translation fixes
- Some minor fixes

Version 1.0.82, April 30

- Freestyle Testimonials updated to 1.13.0
- Removed JCH Optimize (ScriptMerge used)
- Waves javascript plugin updated
- Parallax carousel fix (For original layout)
- Lookbook page on mobile Firefox fixed
- Fix filters link on mobile
- Translation fixes
- Some minor fixes

Version 1.0.70, April 12

- Joomla updated to 3.5.1
- JCE Editor updated to 2.5.16
- Added Landing and Isotope layouts for VM front page
- Added Landing and Original layouts for VirtueMart Category module (Product categories)
- Added Landing and 3 column layouts for Articles - Newsflash module (From the blog)
- Added Landing layout for Custom module (Social Widgets)
- Added Art layout for VM front page
- Added Lookbook layout for menu
- Added Intro layout for ResponsiveSlider module
- Added Dark page style
- Added Landing page style
- Translation fixes
- Added RTL support

Version 1.0.58, April 7

- Initial release