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hello ..nice portfolio template – good work but missing download resume as pdf, scroll on resume page and about me page if text will be longer, captcha on contact form, QR code and download as vcard for contact page – If u add those u prolly got best portfolio template ever released..anyway very good job congrats..

Thank you for your suggestions.

We will consider them for future updates

Hallo It is possible to get your XML fil from you demo site?


Yes, theme includes dummy content in xml format – data.xml

Hallo again Is it possible to customize my own page ?

Yes, the theme has many features and shortcodes. Have fun :)


Could you tell me which are all the social network icon links that support this theme? I only can see it for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Dribbble and Flickr. Are there any more? Is there, for example, the LinkedIn one?

Thank you :)

Hi, theme supported: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Dribbble, Flickr, Linkedin, Skype, Picasa, Pinterest, Instagram, Vimeo, Disqus, Wordpress, Tumblr, Youtube, RSS, Deviant, Vkontakte

You’re welcome :)

Great theme!

I found a small bug: the third separator option doesn’t work, if you choose it, you get the first one.

And a request: adding logo on the front page would be great!

wonderful work bro

thank you, wonderful themes

You’re welcome, Murat :)

I can’t get the Navigation images that appear in the ribbons (house, star, pencil) are showing up. Also the tab isn’t enlarging when selected.

Thanks for the purchase. Please read the HELP document. We described the process of customizing the menu. Regarding the tab – please provide us a link of the demo.

Where is the Help document, I’ve been looking on your site and in the theme but can’t find it?

index.html on HELP folder

Nice theme, just bought it. Few questions: • where can I find the slider for the homepage? • how to create submenu? • how to create buttons with icons? • tabs does not enlarge when hit

please visit: www.dickhofman.nl

Never mind. Already solved it!

Did you apply featured images to all of the pages?


Please send us the wp-admin credentials to info@webcodebuilder.com and we will check it out

When I click an item on the portfolio page, the BG is darkred. Where can I change the background color?

There is a pattern in the overlay. You can change it in themes/main_colors_YOUR-COLOR_css on div.pp_overlay property

In the Portfolio section, when a Video is chosen (say, YouTube), will it open up and play. The two samples in the video section are just pics, so it’s hard to tell what will happen.

We’ll add video examples to the live demo soon. Thanks

I cannot seem to get the blog page to display properly.

I posted a page called “Newsletter”. Chose the “Blog Template” for that page. For Reading settings I chose “Newsletter” as posts page.

I have made 3 test posts and they aren’t showing up when I click the newsletter tab at the top. I’ve made about 50+ blogs over the past 8 years…so not a newbie.

Does this theme require an additional step that I might be missing?


Thanks for the purchase.

Looks like you have everything set up right. Please email us at info@webcodebuilder.com and we will help you as soon as possible.

Appreciate how quickly you guys fixed this. GREAT theme…and exceptional support!

Thanks! We value our clients’ time. Have a nice one!

We have created the main menu on our site, but it doesn’t seem to be like in the demo version. How could we get the menu like in the demo version? We use as the menu links to the categories, but pictures on the menu are not displayed and size doesn’t change while clicking. Thank you

Hi, please follow the HELP document. We described the process of customizing the menu.

There seems to be a bug with the responsive site, it looks really broken using an iPhone on our site: www. alexandraingrey .com

Hi, thanks for the purchase. We will fix the bug as soon as possible.

Thanks, I just installed today’s update but it didn’t fix it.

Sorry for the delay. We will fix this problem as soon as possible.

Great theme, Great Work… but i have a problem

If i insert more than 4 menu itens, it not appear inline, but below the first 4 itens

need a help


Sorry for the delay. We will fix this problem in a few days.

And i have a problem with icons! theme don’t have a PSD included and i need to make other icons, do not exist a email icon, please make it

And not have space for logotype :P

Hi, just want to ask if there is chance you’re going to fix the “Latest Tweets” widget as it doesn’t work in your demo anymore. There was a Twitter API change a few weeks ago and since then many of those widgets have this problem. But I know that this can be fixed because there are a few external Wordpress widgets that work perfectly. So there has to be a way… Thx for a reply. Mike

Hi, thanks for the comment. It will be fixed today :)

So did or could you fix it? I cannot see any change in the demo… Thx

Sorry, please check it out it now :)