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Hey, is this version also possible in Wordpress 3.6? Thank You, looks Great !

Hey, yes it is. We’ve updated the demo

Hello great site, I was wondering about afew things, in my general tab i cannot get the pattern preview images to show, is there something i need to turn on or adjust thanks!

Also for posts, my images seem to be scaling horizontally do you recommend changing them to click link images instead of inserted img src tags.?

thank you

Hi, please email us with wp-admin credentials and we will try to fix this problem

Great work, few questions though: Any update on a possible fix for the Twitter Widget Pro? Still doesn’t work at all… Also will there be any future support for Post Formats in the Blog section, or any improvements to the blogging support for this theme?

Great theme but the blogging functionalities and features are pretty bare bones…

Thanks for the purchase and kind words.

We’ve updated the theme with proper functioning of Twitter Widget Pro. Is it possible that you didn’t apply your Twitter ID’s to the plugin setup page?

Sorry, but we don’t plan any additional post formats to this theme.


Yes I got it somewhat working. It was a few settings on the Twitter side that I had to adjust. And thanks for the update about the Post Formats. Keep up the good work!

Pre purchase question: can you add more “tabs/pages” at the top navigation bar with the same look? (like the home, about me etc) Or is the navigation limited to these?


Hi, sorry, but theme works fine only with 4 menu items

Hello, I started working with the theme and I wonder if we can change the colors except the blue, red, green or yellow settings. Can we, for example change it to pink or purple, and if so how to change it. Because on the home page it ays that there are more than 40 patterns … Thank you in advance for the answer.


First of all thanks for the purchase. Follow these steps to change the colors of the ribbons and elements: - go to “Appearance” – > “Theme option” - and on the General tab you can choose another color for the page element you need.

Hope it works :)

Either I don’t understand which colors or I didn’t express myself well enough because when I follow theses steps I only have blue, red, green, yellow or grey… Maybe I can change it in the CSS sheet ? And if so where is it exactly ?

Thanks a lot

If you mean the “Main colors”, yes there are only 4 basic colors for the theme. You can choose one of them and edit CSS as you with.

Can i have a list off all the shortcodes?? I can’t find them in the zip.

the vision plugin is free if i set it up live and not locally(the theme)??

In our theme the vision is free :)

ok thanks

Nice template. I have a question: Is it possible to translate this template to another language?

Thanks, this theme doesn’t support translation to another language.

Hello. I just recently purchased your theme. Congratulations for the work done. But I want to alert you that a problem has already been discussed in the past but which I did not find solutions, not even in your HELP file. The ribbons tab Is not enlarging When selected. Can you help me plese? Thanks!

Hello, thanks for the purchase. Email us the wp-admin credentials and we will help

Problem solved :)

I’m trying to add a YouTube video to the Portfolio but can’t figure out how to do it. Any ideas?

Sorry, but currently theme don’t support youtube videos in portfolio section

There is a post here from 6 months ago that makes it look like you COULD do this: “In the Portfolio section, when a Video is chosen (say, YouTube), will it open up and play. The two samples in the video section are just pics, so it’s hard to tell what will happen.” and you replied: “We’ll add video examples to the live demo soon. Thanks”. So now I’ve purchased and implemented this theme, thinking it could support this and it can’t. What do I do about videos?

We’ve sent update to reviewer. It will be appear soon. Thanks

when I buy,I’ll have the template in php? support youtube video or only in hosting?

Yes, here the Wordpress theme with php files, also you can put youtube video to the portfolio.

Hi I just bought your theme and I’m having a slight issue with the blog portion of the sites. I will send additional information through email that is provided.

The issue is that I can get the blog-page to show only the “description” with the “read more” buttons.

Thank You!


Very nice theme I just bought!!! Can you tell me how to add a png image on every 4 ribbon of the otp please?



Thanks for the purchase. Just put necessary class to “CSS classes” for the menu item. Just check our HELP file

Hello, is possible to use google analytics? And can I have a social icon on my work portfolio and blog to share on social network? Thankyou

Hi, you can add GA code directly to footer.php before <?php wp_footer(); ?>. Unfortunately this theme don’t support social sharing your portfolio items

thanks and good work

I have a problem with porfolio page. I installed Dummy data, but images are not displayed on the page. Can you help me?

Hi, the dummy data have only the placeholder image, not images like a demo

Hello, I try a lot but if I put my work in Add Works section, select the categories and upload the image (correct dimension), I can’t see the image in the portfolio section. Help me please.


Please email me with URL to info@webcodebuilder.com and I will help you. Thanks

I wrote to you today. I’m waiting help from you!

Like Canteri, I try a lot but if I put my work in Add Works section, select the categories and upload the image (correct dimension), I can’t see the image in the portfolio section. Help me please.

sent to you URL login&password. You can login in WP-admin

I sent you email again

I am also having trouble with the template…

1. First issue is the Works, I’m having the same problem as Canteri and teletradeby above. The Work categories that I’ve added appear under the Portfolio page, but not the images. Has this problem been resolved? The template is of no use to me otherwise… :(

2. Also, I can’t get the data from the Contact Information to appear in the About page. When I try adding the shortcode “main information” to the page, I get this error message in the pop-up window: “Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/sitters/public_html/wp-content/plugins/vision/shortcodes.class.php on line 72”.

Please advise! Many thanks.

Please email us to info@webcodebuilder.com with wp-admin credentials and we will help!

thank you, will email you now!

Please check your email :)

Hi, If I have a work with 2 or 4 pages how can I Upload it? In the portfolio’s page I need to see only the first page of any work.


Hi, Unfortunately, this theme support one image or video per portfolio item.

there is any news about this? How i can upload more than 1 image for the same work? thanks

Hi, sorry but we’re not planing any updates for Wellios


I bought your theme and tried to install but it keeps saying that

Installing Plugin from uploaded file: themeforest-4564366-wellios-responsive-vcard-wordpress-theme.zip Unpacking the package…

Installing the plugin…

The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

Plugin install failed.

How can I fix this problem? Please give me advice.

Try to copy About page content. There’s tab content here. And after that cahge the content on your new page

Thanks for reply.Btw, how to copy About page content?? and where to put?? didn’t get it :(

Go to Pages->About. Copy the content of the editor.

Hi, bought this theme today and tried to install but get an error message..

Installing Theme from uploaded file: themeforest-4564366-wellios-responsive-vcard-wordpress-theme.zip Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

Ok i fixed it, theme folder was not zipped and using my default app Winrar caused problems but downloading winzip enabled me to compress the folder and upload and install :) Once that was done it was pretty easy to modify and edit the pages as i wish. Very satisfied!

Thanks for the kind words :)