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Look great! What about WP version?

Thanks :) I think WP will appear in the near future

Thank you :)

WElcome to TF :)

Thanks so much :)

great theme, wish you good luck with sales :P and to pick up danielevi’s question: will there be a wp version :D ?

Thanks. WP will appear soon

Hey Man :) Nice work and welcome to TF.

Thank you, Man :)

Very nice. I think Im going to have to have it :-)

Thank you, Viperay. I hope you like it :)

Cool and Simple, love it… Just found a bug ;)

.. else { $guestEmail = trim( $_POST[ ‘name’ ] ); }

plz change “name” to “email”


Thank you, pepepopo, for your comment. I’ll fix it :-)

This is an amazing design, I have been looking for a clean website for a while now and I am made up with this. You have done well sir and I love the idea of the two styles to the one website.

Thanks :)

I’m glad you liked it. thank you :-)

This is a beautiful site!

However the about page, and portfolio page do not seem to function properly on IE 8.

Thanks for your feedback. Yes, IE8 is not fully supported

Hi. Is “blog post” ready for working? I couldn’t make it work :/ Help me please.

for example the contact formis working when i write and send something it works. but i think the blog postis not ready like contact form? by the way it s a very good theme. thnk you.

Yes, blog is not work like contact form.

ok. thnk you for answer.

Hi, I’m really very happy with this beautiful theme which is as flexible as I wanted. Thanks for that! But I’m not able to change the gmap with mine (in France), I’ve been searching everywhere (eventually in the js files), trying everything I could, but no way, it’s your map that remains on the contact page and I don’t understand why. Even when I remove my gmap iframe, again, it’s your map that appears. I even wanted to put an image instead, but your map is still there! Can you help me please ? Alexandra

I am glad that something has helped. And I would be glad if you rate my template :-)

Oh yeah I’d be glad to rate it but I don’t have the minimum requiered votes to do it. Never mind, I give you 5 stars! And I’ll remember to rate your template as soon as I have the right to do it. Thanks! :-)

Thank you very much :-)

Can I use this personal template for a small company?

If it suits you for this, yes. Or you do not mean it?

Yes, it suits. My question was about the license, if the license is allowed only for personal use.

Yes, you can.

Hi, I purchased your template. It is look like correct just in laptop, but it is not displayed correctly in phone. Can you fix it Please Or Guide me to fix it by myself?


can you send me an email from my account? I will send the solution.

I sent email for you, Thanks for your support.

Hi, I bought your template. It seems really cool but I´ve got one problem. I´m an absolute beginner. I´ve expected some modules, plug-ins, and template in converted .zip files but there are HTML files and PSD. Can you explain me please how it is possible to convert it into the Joomla!?I would be very grateful.

Hi, I’m sorry but I don’t work with Joomla and i can’t help you.

It´s OK . I solved it myself. :-)

The “Latest Tweets” section is not working. Will it work in the paid version or is this broken because of the recent updates Twitter made ?

Hi. Yes “Latest Tweets” is not working now. I think it’s because of Twitter updates.

This template works on Tumblr?

Hi Gladonias,

No, template is not works on Tumblr.

Template no more is responsive :O Too bad :/

i need to know how i see responsive because not see

please send me email responsive version this is my email

hello not recive a file for responsive can you send me please

I just read and send email