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Hi! I’ve read all the comments regarding color, but I’m still a bit stuck. I’m trying to change the display color for “placeholders” in the footer contact form and the color of the text as a visitor completes the footer contact form. What code do I specifically need to change to accomplish these goals? My website is Thanks!

I am having a problem getting homepage to display as it should. More specifically the appointment form and footer. Website:

I am having a problem getting homepage to display as it should. More specifically the appointment form and footer. Website:

I have asked support several times how to add a video but no reply, please let us know how we can add a video

I have purchased 2 licenses for theme. We just did a website makeover and can not get the form on the homepage to work. It looks like demo but can not find it in the forms section to edit it

Can you send a link to your site? Are you using ContactForm7?

Just purchased this theme and really love it. I am having an issue with the slider in Chrome. The slides all show at once. Works great in other browsers. Is there a fix for this or can I use a different slider plugin to see if that would fix things? Thank you.

Can you send us an email with a link to your site? You would have to change the theme code to use a different slider.

I have an issue with the page for the blog ( The blog page is pulling my title tag for the H1, instead of the actual name of the page. Is there a way to fix this?

Hi, do you have a static page set for the Blog? The main blog page will use the title of the page you make as a placeholder for your blog.

Hi – I sent you a msg but as yet no reply. I will buy the theme if still supported so want to confirm that it is. Please reply

Wordpress 4.9 with NO plugins installed and i am getting jquery errors. and this.on is not a function

$(...).accordion is not a function

if i activate twentyseventeen the errors go away.

also with wellness activated none of the admin bar dropdowns work when browsing the site logged in. (hover over +new to see dropdown or hover over profile image to see logout)

Hi thanks for your comment. We’re working on a new version of the theme that will natively support the latest version of WordPress. Thanks for your patience.

Are there any plans to update the Nivo Slider, the version included seems a very old and un updated version – is this a security risk? thanks

Hi, We’re working on a new version of the theme, and will consider making updates to the bundled slider. Thanks for your feedback!

Any plans to update the theme? I am afraid to update Wordpress to the latest version because it seems that your theme doesn’t support it.

Hi there, Yes we are in the process of updating the theme to the latest features and platform.