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The mobile view of the website is not working. Are you able to help? The slider is displaying way too wide.

Thank you,

Hi which device are you using? Just tested and seems to work.


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Is it safe to upgrade to Wordpress 4.5 with the current version of the theme?


Hello, just tested yes it is

Figured it out.

Can I use visual composer with this theme. and is it compatible with the theme?


We have not tested Visual Composer with the theme.


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the mobile version doesn’t work-It does not resize The website is

Hi did you fix it? We got your email and replied. The mobile seems to be working now? Best way to determine a conflict is to disable ALL plugins, then check if something is not working, then enable one by one to see if there is plugin interference.


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How do you change the font color in the Navagation menu to black?

Hi the style would be .sf-menu li a in the style.css file. It is best to create a custom style in the area provided in the theme options.

Hi, thanks for the beautiful theme. I`m trying to change the body´s font size. I tried several times by changing the css in the wordpress editor and by over writing through Filezilla, but nothing happens. Is this the section where to change it and if so – why doesn`t it change?

/* Main Body CSS */

body { font-family: “Helvetica Neue”, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif; font-weight: 300; font-size: 12px; line-height:18px; color:#000000; margin:0; padding:0; border:0;

Thank you very much. Patrick.

Hey there, that’s correct style.css LINE 68 is where you would change font size. Its working on our end. You could create a custom style in the custom CSS section of the theme options and add an !important tag to it, this way you wouldn’t have to overwrite the original CSS

Problem solved. Thank you very much.


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Under the theme options panel, I don’t see the appearance, reset to defaults or about tabs like is shown on the help file. Should I be seeing more options to customize the theme?


Do you see all the content on a single page? Sometimes if there is a plugin conflict, you may see all the options, but it will be on a single page rather than in tabs.


How exactly can I nestle the Accordions shortcode within an Accordions shortcode? So for example, we would have A, B, C, D in Accordions & then 1, 2, 3, 4 inside each of those. Let me know – thanks! I have tried messing with the code but can’t get it right :(

Hmm sorry about that but with the shortcodes themselves you wouldn’t be able to nest accordions, you would have to try and customize the html directly so the nested accordions dont interfere with the parent accordions CSS

I would very much appreciate if someone would tell me, how to make my request form as in the demo of the theme. Marwan

Hi yes, best way is to import the XML file that is included with the theme and you will get a full working copy of the demo site on your own server then you can edit things as you see fit.


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Gyms like to sell shirts and other apparel.. Its a great theme but after finding out in the end it doesn’t even have woo support was kind of a bummer. Looking into Ecwid but its still not Woocommerce.. sigh


3rd-Eye Purchased

Ecwid layout/css is broken with latest version of the theme so that’s no good.

Sorry, the theme compatibility matrix does not indicate Woocommerce. We’ve had customers report success with Ecwid but have not tested it ourselves.

what font is used on the ‘wellness’ image on top of the site?

Hi, the font used is called “Journal”

is this theme compatible with WP 4.6 version?

It should be yes, we haven’t tested yet but it’s been fine with every WP update recently

Can I use the Visual Composer plugin with this theme or would it not be compatible / break something?

Let me know – thanks!

Hey unfortunately without some tweaks and customizations it likely won’t work properly, sorry.

Gravity Form is working on the sidebar of interior pages but not on the homepage or on a new page I created.

Homepage where the form is not working:

Interior page where it working in sidebar:

Interior page where it is not working – there should be an Apply Now form appearing in the body section of the page: I have tried making the page full width, turning AJAX on, nothing is fixing it.

Both places where it is not working, I get an error of the following when I inspect: (index):352 Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token ]

Hey there,

Sorry but we did not test this theme with Gravity Forms. We only included Contact Form 7 with the theme and that is the only form system we tested. Unfortunately you will have to work around any glitches of Gravity Forms by your own customizations as we can’t support that for the theme. Sorry about that.

How do I make the site look like the demo? I looked at similar questions on the support page but on the demo site I do not see anything at the bottom where you say that there is a rollout that says “Get The Code”. Also, what is a “rollout”? Also, I do not see any option to “Import Sample Data” so please advise, thanks. My site is at: email:

That video is from 2013 and does not appear to address the latest version of WordPress 4.6.1 that does not appear to permit the particular “Short Code” that the author uses which is “[one_third]” that is supposed to align everything using that short code across the page. On our page it only goes straight down the page on the left hand side:

We REALLY need to get this fixed ASAP. Please advise.


Kevin St John with Pi programmer

P.S. One month ago you wrote that BWThemes has NOT tested the theme with WordPress 4.6 so please tell us all why not. Thanks.

Hey there, we just tested with 4.6.1 and it works fine. Your site seems to be layed out properly as well, glad you figured it out. Usually the shortcodes should be edited in text view so that the html view doesn’t add any extra spaces or anything.

Hi there, I’m struggling with the header I would really like it to be smaller if possible, also i cant see anything about the Nova slider so think I really need help

Seeing a css error on install: The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.. I have wordpress 4.7. how do I proceed?

is there support for woo commerce at this time yet?

is there support for woo commerce at this time yet?

Hi, no the theme does not have woo commerce support.


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Hi! My client wants to be able to sell gift certificates on her site currently in development at so I’ve successfully installed WooCommerce and the YITH WooCommerce Gift Card plugin.

We originally thought we wouldn’t need to do this because PayPal had a gift certificate service, but they just recently discontinued it.

Here’s the problem. When we access any of the WooCommerce pages such as, etc., the logo only shows up in the IE and Safari browsers. It disappears in all other browsers.

Additionally, the product page name Gift Certificate duplicates itself. Once at the top left hand corner of the page and once over the purchase form (Please see and it can’t be changed, as I was able to do on the Shop page, via the WP Admin Dashboard.

I know you don’t support WooCommerce products so I’ve gone to WooCommerce and YITH and they’ve directed me back to you saying it’s most likely a theme issue. Can you help me resolve these issues?

I look forward to hearing from you!

Thanks so much!

Having issues with blog posts not showing full post even after selecting to show full post under reading setting. I looked through the PHP files and did not find a setting to change to fix the issue.

Still having issue. Thanks