Discussion on We.Make - Responsive WordPress Theme

Discussion on We.Make - Responsive WordPress Theme

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Hi, my title is loading slowly or it is loading last in line. Can we make the loading as first in line?

Please see my website at http://www.dexel.com.sg

Thank you.

Hi dexthemes, Yes it works great! Thank you. However is it possible to have the animation of the text but at a faster pace?

Hi dexelsingapore, I have do this custom css to to it a bit faster

.inner-background.animated { animation-name: fadeIn !important; animation-duration: 0.5s; }

please add that custom css code instead the previous that I sent you, what that code does it to show the text half of the time before than the default, also, have in consideration that that text it appears when the page is loaded, (because that animation works with javascript and the javascript works after all the page was loaded) so, reducing some heavy element of the page will also reduce the time that the title text appears. Regards

Hi dexthemes, Thank you for your assistance. I will stick to the non animation version. Great support! Cheers!

Does this theme support Wordpress Multi-Site?

Hi, I have not tested it in multisite, however, beeing an standard theme probably it works normally, sorry for not give you an exact answer about that, I have not tested it

My website show “This page didn’t load Google Maps correctly. See the JavaScript console for technical details.” how to fix it ? thank you.

Hi jvwork, can you show me your website please?

Hi jvwork; can you send me a message using my profile please, I will give you the steps to fix that issue


Hey i have a problem … I cant instal DEMO THEME. :/

Hi mx12, please first install the plugin wordpress importer, then try to upload the demo xml file, let me know if it does not work

sir, can i make it multi-page? do it have woocommerce? and does it come with .po files? thanks..

Hi (here I go again lol)

Well, now I have two new questions:

1/ I would like to change the fields (i.e. write them in French) of the contact form “Comments” 2/ I can’t change the picture of my 404 page – I changed it in Theme Options (text and picture) but only the text have changed…

Thanks for helping me ;)

The website is open – you can see it.

ok thanks, I have sent you a message to your email to help you with those issues

Amazing ! I’ve read – hope I will manage to place correctly the code and fix all my problems. Thank you very much ;)

Hi I purchased the theme but can’t install the demo template – and I want to use it!! The only thing missing on the theme is that essential… I correctly imported the “demo-xml” file but can’t find the famous “Front One Page” Could U help me please?

Thx but please, I send you a direct email about another problem I can’t solve (about transparency) Check your box please ;)

yes, I have sent you a message :)

Does this theme can be installed on wordpress 4.1, 4.2+? What version of php support?

yes, it is compatible with 4.1 and 4.2


I’ve this new probleme. This message appears on connect.

This page was unable to display a Google Maps element. The provided Google API key is invalid or this site is not authorized to use it. Error Code: InvalidKeyOrUnauthorizedURLMapError

The map is not viewed…

An idea ? Thank’s

Hi webaction-be, yes, I have fix that issue and I have updated the theme,

1. you can download from themeforest and update the theme.(if you have made modifications to the theme, maybe you will lose your modifications )

2. but, if you prefer , you can just replace one line of code, in the file “functions.php” in the theme folder, there is a line of code like this

array(), '', true);

*(be sure that is the line with  ''script12'' ):

then, please replace that line with this:

wp_enqueue_script('script12','https://maps.googleapis.com/maps/api/js',array(),'', true);

that is all, please let me know if it does not work or you need help


Hello recently ive been getting an error when visiting my site miamisilkscreens.com the error is as follows:

error code: invalidkeyorunautherizedURLMapError

Hi rgb0928, that issue has been fixed, you can download from themeforest and update the theme.

Also I have sent you a message


In the portfolio page, it is possible to upload movies?

Thanks You.

Hi telzera, well, it is possible to upload any content to the portfolio posts (like any post in wordpress), but if you mean the pop-up of the portfolio in homepage, it only shows the featured images of each portfolio-post

ohhh, edoron777, you are the best, thanks, I have fixed, they were problems with my hosting, now it is fixed Thanks :)


Nice theme! However, it seems to be a problem with the animation on the demo. I’m using the latest version of Chrome and it’s like super slow, there’s a delay when I scroll with my mouse.

I would like to buy the theme but I’m scared it’s not working properly.

Firefox works good.

Hi gennyrock, there was an issue with chrome, but it has been fixed and updated, you can feel free to purchase our theme, that issue has been solved


Hi there,

This might be a bit of a strange one, but I was just wondering if there have been any reports of this theme being incompatible with the Wordfence plugin at all?

The issue could be totally unrelated, but I just thought I’d ask anyway in case this has come up before.

Thank you!

Hi there, I just tried de-activating the theme and Wordfence started working correctly. When I re-activated WE.MAKE, it stopped. Do you have any suggestions at all in regards to what I can do?

Hi WebMarketingROI, can you please send me a message using my profile. also please in your message include your website


All sorted – thank you for the fantastic support! :)

Great theme! I am having the same issue CarolSViljoen mentioned though. When I added more profiles to the team section the dark overlay was missing from the bottom right third of that section, allowing the background image to show through fully. Any help would be much appreciated.

Gracias, Tim

Hi time2323, thanks for purchase our theme, please, can you show me your website? (if you prefer you can send me a message using my profile) Thanks

Problem solved! Thanks for the incredible service!

I LOVE this theme! I just purchased it and I am SO lost! I got it installed, and it is showing up, but from there I don’t know what I am doing. [www.DreamBizDreamTeam.com]

I thought it was going to look just like your demo, but it doesn’t, and I have played around with stuff and nothing seems to happen on the site, and then the changes I made, disappeared, so I am obviously not doing something right!

I used to build websites, but I know nothing about WP! I guess I need more instructions than what is shown in the documentation? I know it is probably simple once I understand the basics of how it works.

Do you have someone I can hire to quickly make it look just like yours and if so, how much would it cost to do that? I’m on a strict budget on this project and thought I could easily do it myself. :( Thanks! :crying:

Hi DreamBizCoach, thanks for purchase our theme, please send me a message using my profile, Thanks

Thank you! You are the best!!! Thank you for all your help and the outstanding customer service! I will highly recommend you and this template!!! Thank you!!!!!!!

Hello there, Using your theme for my client they purchased. It is crashed on iPhone and iPad version. Do you have any updates of theme with mobile friendly fixed?

Website link: http://rebrandwebstudio.com/

Please reply back asap.

Thank you, Vinu Narayana

Hi vinuknarayanan, thanks for purshasing our theme, about the your question, our theme is mobile friendly, but your website is changing some details of the own theme (like background of header, the circles, etc) please, paste this code in the panel, in the tab “custom css”,:
h1, .inner-background h1 {
white-space: normal;
word-wrap: break-word;

@media (max-width: 782px){
.background .flexslider {
padding: 33px 39px 25px;

@media (max-width: 782px){
.inner-background {
padding-top: 46px;
padding-bottom: 30px;
width: 100%;

border: none !important;
background: none;

let me know if you need more help Thanks

Hello thanks for reply. Its seems not working after added these CSS. Site crashed only in iPad version. I think multiple flexslider causes issue on iPad. Can you please advice how to fix this?

this is an awesome design theme for a company like us.

Thank you, Vinu Narayanan

Hi there. Purchased your theme, it’s great! I’m wondering if there is ANY WAY on the one page layout, to have the main ‘scroller’ text, also be able to scroll the image behind it. Act as a slider? I’m really needing this function to complete the design but can’t figure out how to actually code it in there…..any help???

thanks so much


Hi wdub28, thanks for purchasing our theme, about the feature you want, sorry, wemake-theme does not have that function, if you hire a coder, he will need to modify the file “content-welcome.php” to add that feature Thanks

on my site when I set the category page to show the category title with %s it shows the slug name. IS there a way to show the title specifically?

I would prefer to have This Title rather than This-Title

Hi hms486, thanks for purshase our theme, please can you send me a message using my profile? thanks

I am experiencing the same issue that “mouretDK” mentioned while browsing both my version and the demo using the latest version of Chrome on Windows 8.

When using the scroll bar, regardless of going up or down, it forces it to other aspects of the site and makes scrolling this way impossible.

When viewing the site in Firefox or IE the problem does not persist.

Edit: It seems to happen once you scroll down and reach the “Our Skills” / “Portfolio” sections on the one page.

Hi st0ned, thanks for purchase our theme, please can you send me a message to our profile, I would like to see the url of your website, thanks

Sure, thanks. Messaging you now.

this issue was solved, thanks for purchase our theme :)


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