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On the events detail page, the red date box shows the node created date, not the start date of the event. <?php print format_date($node->created, ‘custom’, ‘d’); ?> Is there a way this can be changed to display the start date of the event?

Yes, please send your FTP info and Website login info via my email. I’ll help you.

Thanks but I figured it out. I just replaced $node->created with $unixStartDate. That worked just fine.

Congrats! thanks!

Hi – was preparing to Buy this but realized it is Drupal 7 only. I can degrade my clients site to use this but reading the comments you state a D8 version of this theme coming “in a few months”. I believe that was 6 months ago. How close are you?

Hi, I have not released it in drupal 8 yet. But Drupal 7 is still supported for long time. Don’t worry. Thanks!

The stats show this theme is compatible up to Drupal 7.4.x – we are now into 7.5.x… Is this theme still compatible with latest D7?

Yes, it’s compatible with Drupal 7.x. After purchasing it, please let me know. I’ll send you the latest version. Thanks!

Thank you for the reply. One other item – is there actually a “shop” built into the site? I chose the “Shop” demo version and when going to http://tk-themes.net/wemusic/shop/cart – I get a 404

I have updated the demo. Please check it again or go to http://tk-themes.site/wemusic. Thanks!

Hi, the “Show in default player” is not working. I am using the same node that came with the demo and just changed the details of the node and have the box checked for “Show in default player” but it does not fill in by default. I do not have a URL to give you, I am developing on localhost.

Hi, you should clear your cookie of your browser or try in different browser. Thank you!

Hi. I purchase your theme today and installed it, but i have a big overlay in frontpage… Trying to update all modules and core but didn’t work. Check it: http://djoscarhernandez.com/ Installed from “Fresh Drupal Installation”.

Okay, I’ll check and let you know soon!


I checked your website. You made mistake when installing theme. Please give me your cPanel account via my email so I can help you install it then upgrade this theme to latest version.


also, please let me know which demo do you want to have? Default or Shop?

The “Add to Playlist” or “Show in default player” does not work if you use File instead of Custom Link.

Please check your email for updated files. Thanks!

Still not working and I did not receive “updated files”. I just emailed you, please reply as we have been held up for months on this.

I emailed you, please check your email. Thanks!

Very nice theme. By any chance you are going to come out a Drupal 8 version of it?

Yes, we will. Thank you!


mahdeeb Purchased

I am trying to get wemusic theme going. I had to downgrade from drupal 8 to 7.6 (compatible?). yet, I still cannot upload the theme per your directions. the theme folders do not come compressed. so, when I compress and attempt to upload, I get a “not valid” error. I have compressed the wemusic folder into a .zip as well as a .gz. no success.


mahdeeb Purchased

I want to give you my cpanel login. where can I send the login info?


mahdeeb Purchased