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Hi, can i check if it is possible to add a gradual colour change to the background as you scroll down the page?

Unfortunately, that’s not a feature at the moment.

Does anyone know if the ajax annimated menu works if i build a site using Elementor? Has anyone tried this?

Yes, the page builder being used does not affect the mobile menu.

Hi, Nice theme but will the ajax annimated menu work if i build a site using Elementor? And any plans to make the custom elements work in Elementor? Thanks, Giles

Yes, the page builder being used does not affect the mobile menu.

We are not considering custom Elementor widgets at the moment.

Thanks for letting me know guys. If you ever update it to Elementor let me know.

Hi, do i have tio buy the theme before I can get replies to my messages? I have sent quite a few now on here and the website but I’ve been ignored. My worry is the after support will be pretty bad if I can’t get a reply at this stage.

Hi there, we do not provide support on item comments. We seldom check the comments area for pre-purchase questions.

Hi, wonderful work!! Only a little question before purchasing, is it possible to use gradient backgrounds? (I’ve seen that the same question was previously asked but it was 2 years ago) Thanks a lot!

Yes, you can have gradient backgrounds for Rows.

Hello, I would like to know if you have a document that can tell me how much a theme can be altered (from changing background colors to adding / removing tabs or parts of the homepage. Many thanks.

Hi there, except the full page sliders, the demos can be edited by page builder, so it is very customizable.

Rad theme. I’ve had it bookmarked for a certain project in mind. Instant buy if an HTML version becomes available.

For Text Style theme, can I have video at the back instead of still image? Thanks!

Unfortunately, that’s not possible at the moment. However you can convert your image to gif.

How do I remove Cookies Policy accepting button ?

It can be turned off from Theme Options.

If you go to a single portfolio page, your URL will look something like this: http://yourdomain.com/portfolio/my-project.

Usually you want to change the “portfolio” part of the URL. Please let me know how to do so. Thanks!

You can change the portfolio slug from Appearance > Theme Options.


theorpat Purchased

Hi there! I would like know if exist another design for products list on WooCommerce for this theme, product’s information over image sometimes hide with the background.


Yes, you can change this within Theme Options.

Hi! I’m not able to import the new demos, the button just doesn’t work.

Hi there, could you please open a support ticket at https://fuelthemes.ticksy.com/

Hi, I am personalizing the glitch effect demo (https://werkstatt.fuelthemes.net/werkstatt-fullscreen-glitch/) and, as soon as I have changed the background image on the home, the glitch animated effect (the interferences shown on the home page image) have dissapeared… Did I do any step wrong? Just changed the background image with the option made for it (attaching screenchsot).

I want to apply the glitch/interferences effect to any image I want to use for home page’s background, as the demo shows.

I look forwnad for your reply.


Hi there, could you please open a support ticket at https://fuelthemes.ticksy.com/

This theme comes with hundreds of primary font choices and no way to view them. Is there an easy way to see what the fonts look like?


rx Purchased

Still waiting for the video function from the revolution theme. It feels like this won’t come at all, after more than one and half year of waiting. Still looking forward for this update. Could you tell me when you are going to integrate this in Werkstatt ?

Hi there, is it correct that setting portfolio items to ‘full width’ doesn’t actually work? My homepage is full width, but all of my portfolio pages have bars on the side, despite having ‘full width’ rows. I think it’s a bug, my settings seem correct…


Hi, site (and demo avaiable) works and can be imported with Elementor?

Tnx a lot

Unfortunately, not at the moment. Demos are constructed using WPBakery.

Is it possible to remove the vc_set_as_theme code? I want to activate my WPBakery license to get acces at their templates. Thank you!

​Hi there, please use the following code inside your child theme functions.php file:

add_filter(‘thb_vc_thememode’, ‘zxc_disable_theme_mode’); ​ ​function zxc_disable_theme_mode() { ​ return false; ​}

persiusx Purchased

Hey Fuelthemes,

On the newest update it doesn’t include revolution slider as an update to the plugin. We’re still on Version

Looked in the full zip download for premium plugin folder and it’s not in there as well.

How would one update Slider Revolution to 6+ ? – A lot of combability/security fixes was fixed in these updates so it’s critical to using with Werkstatt.

Cheers! Love your themes.