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for Design Quality

Great design and has the capability to create some awesome layouts.

However, I find a lot of the settings unintuitive, which is the reason for one star off.


Author response

Thanks Adam, please let us know how we can improve them. We 'll be happy to make modifications.
Best regards,

for Design Quality

Used more than 50 different themes now. Hate it to found this so late. The absolute best I have ever seen, used, felt and produced with. THANKS! You will not need anything else.

for Flexibility

Great UX

Wonderful UX elements and attention to detail. The portfolio elements is specifically why I wanted to use this theme. There are a few design elements that really stand out in the builder that bring it all together. Definitely has a "post-modern" look - great for designers that like to break trends.


Compatibility with Elementor would be a great addition. A few more header options would also be be great.


There are minor slow-downs in the theme if you don't optimize the images that you're using. Specifically the home page sliders.

for Design Quality

All round everything, the theme design, the support, everything about this theme

for Customizability

This is the most complex theme I have ever work with for Wordpress and it is fantastic. It has so many beautiful options and transitions, you can customize it to the level of perfection, also thanks to the awesome support.
I love the theme and I love using it, my page looks awesome "wearing" Werkstatt! thank you!

for Other

Here's why I just paid for another 6 months of support and am 98% certain I'll be buying this theme again or another from this author for another site or two.

1. Regular updates that recognizes some of the latest trends in UI design and makes them available for the owners of this theme. A+

2. I've had to reach out for support a number of times and always got a response within a reasonable to fairly quick amount of time. A+

3. Opened a ticket once over something that ended up being super simple but the solution came quickly and patiently from Fuelthemes! A+

4. There are a lot of themes out there that are absolute trash for structuring UX work. This theme is not one of them. At times I feel it's flexibility is strictly limited by my knowledge and time. That's how feature rich and extendible it is. A+

Things I'd like to see fixed -

1. Less wonky team photo solutions. At the moment they're super huge and look a little ridiculous. The styling options and text placement is also not the best.

2. Better documentation and a video walkthrough of the parallaxing feature. I've come close but have yet to make this look right. On mobile/table it just doesn't look good at all.

3. Faster loading and a smaller footprint.

Overall I continue to be impressed with the theme and it works well for UX heavy work, especially when compared to other wordpress themes that perpetuate poor storytelling practices.

for Design Quality

Parfait, tout est fait pour fonctionner nickel. De plus, les auteurs sont toujours disponibles pour rectifier les bugs lorsqu'ils leur sont signalés. Merci !