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what this is support m3u ?

we have tested with mp3, Cant say about m3u.

We downloaded the entire zip and unzipped but there is only index and home, no index2 or index3 as indicated in the help file for the alternate colour schemes. Are these available somewhere?

There are only 2 home page layouts as shown in the demo. In the start the home page 2 was dividing in 2 pages, so there were 3 later we updated and made them one page. As you can see it in demo. And about color schemes, they work for all pages.

Google maps doesn’t work. I get an error saying, “This page didn’t load Google Maps correctly. See the JavaScript console for technical details.” Please advise. Here’s the link – http://stevesabz.com/event-detail.html

I have a pre-sale question. in the classic demo version, when selecting a page while navigating the mobile menu, the new page loads and the mobile menu disappears immediately, as it should. However, in the ajaxify demo version, when selecting a page from the mobile menu, the new page loads in the background, but the mobile menu remains as the top layer, causing me to have to click the “X” in order to access the new page. Is this something inevitable due to the ajaxify programming? Or is this a bug that can be fixed?

Template has been purchased. please advise how to fix the mobile menu closing issue. thanks!

Thanks for the purchase and sorry for the delay. Open main.js ( assets/js/main.js) on paste following code at line 168 if($('.nav_wrapper').hasClass("active")){ $('.nav_wrapper').removeClass('active'); $('ul.dropdown-menu').removeClass('open'); $('.navbar-toggle').removeClass('fa-times').addClass('fa-navicon'); } Just to be sure this code needs to be inside function “werockApp”. Let me know if there are any confusions.

You can reach me from profile page https://themeforest.net/user/xvelopers#contact and I can send you JS file with the above patch.

Olá, Sou Brasileiro gostei muito desse site quero usar na minha web rádio, ele é wp ou php tem painel, tem como deixar ele em português brasil?

Hello, First of all thank you for this great great website template. Is there a way to add a Volume bar to the Webplayer part?

if so can you please guide me on how to do that?

Thank you very much for your time!

Hey, Yes volume could be added. you need to see the docs http://jplayer.org/latest/developer-guide/#jPlayer-option-volume I hope this helps you.

nuevex Purchased

I purchased this by a confusion. this is html template not for wordpress. I want to know. this templete have an administration seccion or everything have to be managed by html code?