Discussion on WeRock Multipurpose Music & Event WordPress Theme

Discussion on WeRock Multipurpose Music & Event WordPress Theme

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Hi, I’m trying to use this template with WordPress 5.9, but it is not working. When I try to Personilise the theme, it shows a critical error related to the Carousel widget. Please help! Thanks!

Hi, sorry missed your message. Can you please update rekord essential plugin

form dashboard: Go to plugins remove rekord-theme-essential plugin. once removed you will see a notification to install required plugins and from there you can install it again.


Please downlaod following zip and update plugin via FTP/dashboard

https://github.com/naumanahmed19/rekord-theme-essential/archive/refs/heads/master.zip Please let me know if it works for you.


The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Just let me know where to put when you send it to me.

Hi, it should be in zip but we are updating theme this week with some major changes please wait

Hi, we have updated theme can you try new version and check. Please download werock.zip it will have style.css if you are downloading all files zip then you have to extract it before uploading.


I bought your plugin since one week when we upload it we have Wordpress debug and this need to be addressed



I have already sent him newer version of theme. These errors are from older version.

Hi, You are liar you did not sent anything and I will advise people about your company behaviour,I sent email to you guys since July 14 without any answer. Please refund my money you guys are not serious

Well you can ask from your developer we tried to answer his questions. Between We are going to release new version on Monday with some more fixes if you can wait.

I have recommended this themes to my client and he purchased it. I installed the themes then found some errors. Please check the screenshot when main themes activated: https://nimb.ws/HBiYE6 When child themes activated: https://nimb.ws/rJyAOD

Also, tell me how to import the demo. Thanks

Please post a comment with purchase tag. or send us purchase code at email xvelopers@outlook.com

hi Is this theme different from : https://themeforest.net/item/rekord-ajaxify-music-events-multipurpose-wordpress-theme/23516416

I has the flutter app and wanted the backend to support it

yes both themes are different . App is only compatible with Rekord theme

I need the one for the APP > https://themeforest.net/item/rekord-ajaxify-music-events-multipurpose-wordpress-theme/23516416

I have the wrong one – could you please swap this out for me please _ I don’t need this one !

Please buy it and then create a refund request for other one

installed it (bought a few mins ago) Then this Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme installation failed.

can you please contact us at xvelopers@oulook.com

Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme installation failed.

The zip I should upload is missing from the email you sent me

Hi the installed template does not open IG Page Builder It doesn’t allow us to add more than one slider

hi, can you please contact us at xvelopers@outlook.com

I feel a bit taken for the ass … There is no ZIP in the email you mention. SEND THE EMAIL WITH THE ZIP IS FOR MORE THAN 48 HOURS THAT I ASK YOU THIS THING !!!

Hi, I have sent you again. hopefully you will get this time

Another issue. In the artists page when you try to remove the artist options under screen elements and hit update, it doesn’t save. There is no way to remove the tracks or any of the artist options basically even though the option is there. How can you guys put this stuff out being so buggy?

Another problem, the slider. Add Slide button does nothing, I have to stick with the same 4 slides and can’t add more even when your documentation says you can.

Still there is no solution to the issue regarding the location on events. It just loads, the Google maps API is working. The map is showing in my contact page, please help as this is a common occurrence in your comments, also the start date of your events don’t stay. I put in a date and it doesn’t save. Can you please support your theme and help?


Hi, Sorry we had too many requests from last couple of weeks. We will work on your issues this week and try to resolve them.

Your events location search doesn’t work. It just keeps loading a search and doesn’t give me any options.

Are you going to respond to this? Because you didn’t reply to the last comment..

Please always ask for support from your purchased account.

Try adding Google Map Api Key

I don’t know why the purchased sticker isn’t showing. That actually didn’t work. I already have google map API there. The issue seems to be consistent from what I have read in comments. What is the fix to this?

Also bbpress font colors don’t match the website, help.

Never mind, I rolled back on BBpress

This theme is almost perfect, any updates foretasted? I’m having problems with the events page, I cant seem to input a date, unless it needs to be inputted a certain way, on the main page it just says coming soon. Also the address selection doesn’t work? Help.

Hello, your player works in icecast. Does it display the current titles? Can you test yourself with the stream from my radio? Thank you. http://radio4.pro-fhi.net/radio/9151/stream

title and image of broadcast can be added from admin panel. I am not sure what is your requirement? Do you want to show the title in player bar?

Re yes I want the title to automatically appear in the player bar

If you save title and image in the wordpress then its possible to display but it requires some customization


Can the audio player have – - 15 sec forward, backward buttons

Is the theme and player compatible with following? -

Captivate.fm Transistor.fm Castos.com

Hi, Right now theme does not have 15 sec forward, backward buttons features but we have plans to add it. Captivate.fm Transistor.fm Castos.com seems like services providers. If you have streaming URL for any of service you want to use, just send it to me and I will test it for you with theme player.

Before I buy, what are the common issues the site has when installing

I have a widget on my main page for the News Page. it is now displaying the PHP code under each item in the news widget. the news page displays fine and each news item when clicked looks fine too


is it possible to sell Podcasts? is it possible for other Artists to upload their demo albums on my site? apart from YouTube which other CDN do you recommend , esp open source

Thanks skype:charles.n1, WhatsApp: 0628975528


I have bought this template and have been using it for several years and have always been very happy with it.

I now have the problem that I have to upgrade my PHP version on the server to PHP 7.2, and since I changed this, nothing works anymore on the side. I get a lot of error messages in the IG PageBuilder also doesn’t work anymore.

Can you tell me why? I would like to thank you for a short feedback in advance.

Best regards


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