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Nice work, GLWS o7.

Thank you!

Looks great! GLWS ;)

Thank you :)

Good-looking theme, but it’s messed up in a few areas.

About which areas you’re talking about? Thank you

really great work!!! very nice!!!

But i have a problem with some areas. Where can I find, in muse, the Portfolio-Boxes, which will open, if I click on one of the single project images. I don´t know where I can change the Text and the Images etc.

hope u can help. sorry for my bad englisch :-)

sorry for the simple question, the lightbox, wich i mean, was deactivated… everything is done. THX

Hello, we have launched a new support forum www.entiri.ticksy.com. We believe that we will improve flexibility in responding to your questions. Please open a new ticket for your other question.

Hi ! Nice job ! GLWS. The text area in the navigation bar seems beeing 275px high. Everything going under is not activable on rollover. Sorry for my english. =)

Hello, thank you for the comment.

The theme has been updated, you can download it from ThemeForest. The problem was solved.

we have launched a new support forum http://entiri.ticksy.com/ we believe that we will improve flexibility in responding to your questions. Please open a new ticket for your other question.


Hello, I have a question, when I buy a theme with blog for Muse, where I do the new post? I can use some manager or I do in muse? Sorry for english im brazilian. =D Thanks

Hey, if I understand it correctly you want to create blog posts directly in Muse, not through businesscatyst, right? In this case it is what I wrote in the previous report. Always Duplicate post (masonry thumbnail) and Replace photo and text, it’s simple. If you need a post detail, it is necessary to always create a new page where the particular detail. Subsequently masonry thumbnail only relinks to the detail. Also, you can do crosslinked to an external blog page (tumblr, WordPress, blogger …) if you have posts there as well.

On the contrary my friend. I’m trying to post blog using Business Catalyst, I would really like to get post using the Service Business. You can do this? If you could not bother to inform me a better way to achieve this? I’ve been in the Business BLOG, tried to effect change Layout and could not. Thanks again for your attention and excuse my english

At the outset it should be noted that the catalyst business blog is a separate Techology. Product that you bought from us is not directly linked to this blog. If you want to use businesscatalyst blog, it must be set in a separate interface adobe businesscatalyst. It means that in this case you will not be able to use the blog section designed a set of Muse. Appearance and functionality depends on businesscatalyst opportunities. Here is a brief guide http://helpx.adobe.com/business-catalyst/using/add-blog.html

Can I edit the work page? my work description are longer, like one you see on behance can i have a infinite scroll there? Kindly let me know soon so i can buy.

Hi, you mean light box or project detail? You can open ticket on support forum and paste some screens http://entiri.ticksy.com/

Hi as i have not purchased a theme i cannot open a new ticket but here is a screen shot of what i actually want to show on a work page. [ http://drp.io/dOr ] its a long discription about one project will require multiple scroll and have 9 of such work pages to display. Is this possible to do in this theme. kindly guide as i am new to website making.

Hi, pagination for pages can be done easily. Use the button at the bottom of the page and set it as a link to another page. Thus, you can click on to move to a specific page where your content will be continued. Content should be divided into several pages. Then you can add a back button. Infinite scrolling is not a feature currently available in Adobe Muse.