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Super colors :) Good luck!

Thanks! Hope these colors will be in demand by customers

Can you code the psd theme? Looks good.

Good luck with this theme.

Wow…. amazing template. But we need html/css too.

Good look!

Excellent design! Praying for a WP version of this one :)

Cheers! Tom

Thanks! It will be converted to the WP version soon.

Good news, we are starting developing WP theme based on Whale PSD . I think it will be completetd within next 3 weeks.

Great news, thanks!!

Very nice work , wish you the best with sales.

Any chance for a responsive wordpress version of this??

Nice work!

Yes, I think such release is possible during next few months.

Good work! congratulations;)

nice work…

hi just bought it, but can you provide me with css+html please?

Hi! Wordpress version will be launched within next month or so, I think that we will include HTML /CSS files in that release.

Good news but how about this psd files?

You cant sell this file without converting to html and css, useless !

This is how his markeplace works. Anybody can sell PSD files separately.

Any news on this one becoming a WP theme? Seems that based on previous comments your were developing it for release. Nice clean design with great colours.