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Any plans integrating a page builder on your theme like the avada theme? I dont see it on your feature lists.

Hi there no plans to add a page builder to Wharton. It’s just a simple blog theme, no page builders required :)

The theme looks awesome but the installation failed because “The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.”

Just unzip the zip you downloaded and upload the zip in the “Theme” folder :)

Nice work – however with so many browsers moving away from Flash support and/or making the user confirm that they will run what they call the ‘vulnerable’ plugin before a video is played isn’t HTML5 a better option for such content?

Hi thanks. I think you’ve got confused however. Flash is not needed to run Wharton. Videos are included via iframes or oEmbed so will use whatever Vimeo and YouTube provide. Audio is provided via JavaScript with a flash fallback for browsers that don’t support HTML5 and or JS.

hello, thank you for the theme, but may I please know how to remove the “More themes” menu item that was inserted into the dashboard?

Hi there no problem. We’re just trialing a menu item at the moment to make our themes more visible to buyers. What’s the use case for removing it? Is it something we could add as a theme option to show/hide it? Really interested in your thoughts on this :)


thank you for the prompt reply. It’s just for aesthetics, really. I like keeping my dashboard menu items to a minimum.

No worries, if you have a admin CSS running, you can just add this…

#toplevel_page_meanthemes_more_themes_menu { display: none; }

I guess I gravitate towards the same kind of work because my last purchase was Textual, and now I’m enamored with this Wharton theme. One thing I can’t figure out in the customize menu is how to keep the big lead text on the homepage when setting it to a static page. Only seems to work using latest posts. Sometimes these theme customization menus are like picking locks. You just gotta keep turning the dials until you figure it out. :)

Thanks Selym for purchasing Textual. Wharton’s slab text is for homepage with blog roll and 404 page only. The settings are super simple in Wharton so no lock picking required – the slab text on a static page just isn’t a feature :)

Aha, so it wasn’t me. ;) I love the slab text. Luckily dates don’t matter on the site I’m using it for, so I had to tweak and use blog roll displaying only one post and back date everything else. Looks great. Thank you!

No worries, glad you found your own solution :)

I am trying to add woo commerce support into the theme? I’m following the woo commerce integration guide but the page.php file just throws errors and breaks the layout… when i duplicate it and rename it woocommerce.php and replace the loop … any thoughts?

Hey there this is strictly a blog theme and was certainly not developed with WooCommerce in mind. I’d imagine significant work would be required to make it fully WooCommerce compatible which is outside of our free bug fixing support and CSS tweaks.

I got this issue -The package could not be installed. PCLZIP_ERR_BAD_FORMAT (-10) : Unable to find End of Central Dir Record signature

Ok, you’re not supposed to upload the zip via FTP though. Please refer to the documentation PDF which details the upload process.

Sorry, I have unzipped with a tool so file is not correctly unzipped. Now I am unzipped file from cpanel file manager and now working. Thanks for fast support

Cool, we usually just recommend uploading it via the WordPress admin as per the documentation but it’s super you’ve got it working, enjoy!

Is there a way in which I could use “Load More” instead of the ”.Previous” and “Next.” on the blog page (Homepage)?

There is no load more functionality in Wharton. You could try using a plugin to do it but we haven’t tested any load more plugins with Wharton so couldn’t guarantee any kind of compatibility.

This looks absolutely great! Thank you so much and best of luck with your sales,

No problem :)

Just looking at the live demo, I like it. It’s what a theme should be. Style, Presentation and get out of the way. I haven’t tested it on a site yet, just thought I would comment on what I have seen.

thanks, lovely of you to say so :)

How to disable the sidebar and footer inside the posts or the pages? I just want to enable the sidebar on the homepage. By the way, this theme looks awesome…

Hi there thanks :) The sidebar and footer are a global on/off thing. If you want to make it only show in certain scenarios then you’d need to do some PHP work.


I’m seeing two bugs after installing the wonderful Wharton theme:

1 – On the Header of many pages, there appears a ‘caption’ from an image and it has the code insert_image_caption_text_here . Is this intended or a bug of some sort? How do I get rid of it other than doing a CSS ‘display:none” call?

2 – When i enable comments on regular pages (not blog posts), that section spans to 100% width of the browser, while on blog posts, the comment section is the same width as the body content/blog post. This does not seem correct. How do I fix this? Where do I go in the code to fix this and will you be publishing a fix?

Thanks stephen

Hey Stephen, Thanks for this, can you log a ticket at please as I’m guessing you’ve got the free download? Which means… I think… you don’t receive theme updates?!

So.. if you log a ticket, we’ll fix it and send you the updated theme so you don’t lose out :)

Hi, thanks for this gift. I like the theme so much, its up and running on my site! (1st time Actually using a free theme here -have just been stacking the few I fancy :) ). Anyway, I have a few small bits: 1). I’d like to change the Background Colours of the Intro& 404 big text area from white 2). Featured images only huddle in the centre of the box -even after Regenerating Thumbnails with recommended plugin. What’s the Ideal photo size? 3). I can’t seem to maximize the different post formats esp. Aside & Status. Both Capitalizes ALL text. Then not sure of the Image Format effect. Lastly, how does Theme Updates work? Will I get a notification via Email? Thanks!

Hi there, please direct any support queries to

Check documentation first though as you’re 2nd question is answered in the “Image sizes” section.

For the free theme people – you don’t get support or updates…

It says this next to the download button.

However, we are providing free support (check the details page whilst the item is free, after that we’re unable to support you unless you purchase.

Thanks. Just paid real close attention to the free themes T& C… Never liked one enough to actually use it.

Stellar Support too… You guys should win the Award for Best Support is there’s anything like that here :) Thank you again.

No problem :)

This theme is great, I cant get the sidebar to appear, the side bar makes this theme perfect for the site I’m building…can you help with this?

Just turn it on in Appearance > Customise > General settings :)

Thanks! I had to do it from the custom editor, I’m so glad for that feature!

ok… I’m not quite sure what you mean… but I’m glad you’ve got it working :)

Hello! First of, great theme. I do have one question. Im running a blog and I want to display the full content of the blog posts on the home page. I do not want the visitor to be able to click on the image or the blog heading just to reach the post itself, i just want it to be displayed on the homepage. So can I make the blog posts NOT clickable?


Hi there thanks. No that’s not possible out of the box I’d suggest using the child theme provided to change this functionality. Good luck :)

Alright, thank you, :)

Hey -

great theme!

Two questions:

1. Is a classic menu available? 2. Can sidebars be activated for blog home and single posts? 3. How many widget areas are there?

Thanks! Love your themes, great work. 98

Hi 98,

1. Yes, it looks like…

2. Yes, but its a global sidebar on all pages/posts – controlled by the widget areas

3. There are 4…


Hi there! Please can you advise how to change the font size for class=’slabtext’? I’d like to make it smaller. Thank you.

The size of the font is programmatically worked out by the slab text plugin and will grow and shrink to the available space, so it’s not really possible to make it smaller unless you’re adding more text in a single line. If you need anything else please submit a ticket to our dedicated support channel:

Thank you for the fast reply. :)

That’s ok


I see from you previous comments above that a standard menu is available like your image here –

This is exactly what I want but I can’t seem to get it working. I set it to ‘Standard Desktop Menu’ but then all my categories just display vertically down the header rather than horizontally like your image shows. How did you get that working?

This is what mine looks like –

Thanks so much! It’s a beautiful theme.

No worries, if its a quick answer I don’t mind helping out but I suspect I’d need to see a link and maybe access the admin of your website to see what you’ve setup etc. so it would end up being maybe 10 minutes of my time that hasn’t been paid for – we did provide this for free whilst the file was file of the month but we had to draw the line somewhere. Sorry!

Not a problem. I understand. I also bill for my time so it’s perfectly understandable. I will have to play around a bit more and see. Appreciate it. Byron.

No worries, thanks for your understanding Byron, it’s refreshing :)