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Great blog theme! GLWS! :)

Cheers Matchthemes :)

Thanks Stefan :)

Unique touches, wish you the best with sales.
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Thanks Bedros :)

Awesome! Love the menu system mate :)

Thanks Tom :)

Looking good Chris! Best of luck

Why thankyou! :)

Thanks ThemeRox :D

Thanks ThemeRox :D

Super, thanks!!!

Thank you for purchasing :)

Great work, glws ;)

Why thank you :)

Great work! One question: Do fonts in this theme support letters like ?,?,š,?,ž and others?

Thanks you have the whole google fonts, adobe web fonts and typekit (you need an account for this and may need a paid plan) at your disposal. So as long as you find a font that has those characters then you should be fine. We allow you to paste in the code from your chosen provider which means you are not limited to the Latin subset of the font you will have full control :)

I love this theme, it looks awesome. Question, however. How can I make it so the featured image is not shown at the top but rather wherever in the post it has been placed? And the title and other meta info, make it inline above the post instead of centered? I want to use this theme for a info oriented blog, not an image oriented blog, so how it does it currently will not do.

Hey there v1.0.4 is now available for download.

We’ve set up a new demo as well to show the subtle version with a sidebar. This version shows the additional desktop menu option, but you can still use the standard MENU link menu with the subtle layout, its just a tickable option through the theme customizer.

Amazing! Thank you very much. I will be purchasing this ASAP. Great work MeanThemes!

No problem at all :)

looks great, very nice work :)

Thanks Eric :D

Love the look of this! A few quick questions:

1. is it possible to change the height and font size of the header (ex the “I’m Wharton I’m lean & I’m keen” part)? I’m assuming that like the posts, the header on the homepage can be either a photo or text?

2. is it possible to change font sizes for things other than body text (i.e., menus, “Comments”, post titles, etc)?

3. is the menu in the upper right included, or is that just there for your example page?

4. is it possible to integrate Pinterest? Ideally, when hovering over a featured image on the home page or any image in the body of a blog, a little pinterest icon will come up, allowing readers to pin it.


Hi there, thanks for looking :)

1. This is just text, not images and is controlled via the theme options customizer. The font is dynamic based on the slabText plugin and can be tweaked with a little CSS if needed.

I guess we could allow this area to be a free for all text/image area controlled via the theme options if we made the index layout available as a page template that you could set as a static page? Does that sound useful/what you’d like?

2. Font sizes are all built in to the CSS as they change from mobile all the way to desktop. If you know some CSS you could amend these really easily and we can offer help via support for free. We can add font size controls in the theme options if customers feel that would be of benefit.

3. I don’t understand this one? Do you mean is the menu system built into the theme? If so, yes it is and you can turn it on/off and also update the “MENU” text from the theme options

4. Pinterest sharing is on all of the posts but no on the homepage image. Do you have an example of what you were thinking, it sounds like an interesting idea?

Thanks for the fast response.

1. not sure what you mean by the second paragraph (i’m new to all of this), but essentially, I’d like the main text of the page to start a little higher up, if possible

2. I can probs figure out the CSS, but an easy font size fix would be nice. Maybe just my aesthetic, but i’d prefer to knock the font down slightly overall.

3. that’s what I meant. By “update the MENU text”, do you mean font size? Again, I’d like it to be a bit smaller, if possible

4. something like this

Ok well apart from #4 all of those are tweakable with some CSS that we can help with via support. #4 would require some customisation work which we could point you in the direction of.

Great looking theme. Quick question about the menu. Is there an option to have a standard menu (not click to open) on desktop and the drop down menu for mobile?

v1.0.4 is now available for download, you can see the alternative menu system on the new subtle link, you can still have the big and bold layout AND the desktop menu system, we just thought it would be easier to demo it on the new demo for you.

grs Purchased


Yay thank you :)

Absolutely love it! :)

Thanks Creans :) And thank you for rating the theme too!

nice & clean good job

Thanks bbosa :)

Does this theme include sharing to LinkedIn as well as the other standard social media methods? This would apply to each blog post as well as the entire site. Thanks!

Third question: how do I create the “Contact Us” page?

Hi Johnny, there is no need to post your question here and in a support ticket. We tend to leave this comments for pre-sales questions rather than fill them up with support.

We’ve responded to your support ticket answering all of the above questions.

ok, thanks

Hi Guys,

Uninstalled the 1.0.3 and uploaded the new one. In both preview and live mode theme is ignoring the subtle menu option. I also noticed all my excerpts that I had to date are also ignored and all I can see on the front page are full posts. Is there a way to have own logo inserted in the place of the lead text?

Hi there, we’ve just replied on support for you :)

Hello, thanks for nice wordpress theme !

How to use shortcode in home page ?

The reading settings don’t set the excerpt length, that is just for the RSS feed. If you go to the theme customizer and in general settings there is an auto excerpt option you can configure. If there is anything else you need please do not hesitate to contact support and also don’t forget to rate the theme 5 stars :)

thanks !

No problem at all, happy to help :)

Are you able to use a custom image instead of the “slab text” at the top of pages?

Hi there, at the moment no – but I think we may add in a template that can be used as a homepage that makes that area into a fully content editable area via the usual WP content editor

Cool, I’m basically looking to have a custom image above the blogroll. Would you have an ETA?

Yes, this week for sure.