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wonderful! Good luck with sales!

Thank you :), appreciate it!

P.S. Please rate it :)

nice and clean job. good luck with sales.

Thank you.

Beautiful work my friend!!!! The best…8)

You’ve done excellent job! :)


Thank you! Hvala ti :)

Will there be a WordPress version of this?

Yes, we are now working on WP of our previous theme, so we’ll make Whisper after that.

Stunning work! Good luck with sales ;)

Version 1.1. in queue – added page with pricing tables.

Love this template :) Just a quick question, Once we (buy and) download this template, do we also get the further versions and pages as they are released? Thank you.

Hi, glad you like it :). Yes, of course you’ll get all the updates and additional pages, if there will be some (just not WP version of the theme – it’s another category).

Superb, Cheers.


I want to buy. I am planning to include Google AdSense. Can this theme be changed to include Ads at the top and right side?


Hi, this is HTML template, so you can include anything you want in it, including Google AdSense, but you’ll have to manually insert it and style it in css.

I need this theme for wordpress, when they have it available? thanks

Hi, it will be available in about a month.

Great !!!

Glad you like it

I like your visual quality ;) “Clean pixel = Beautiful”

Thank you :). Appreciate it.

Is there any way to use my own icons in replacement of the default serviceicons?


thank you for purchase. Yes you can use your own icons, but you’ll have to insert them manully and style them the way you want in css.

Which css file do I edit for this?

You need edit style.css file. You have content table at the top of the file, so there should be no problem im finding what you need.

Hi purchased this site template and it is very nice only I have a couple of questions as im new to all this, firstly how can i reposition the grids in the footer as i want remove the twitter feed? and also how can I replace the icons used under latest projects ie. the camera. if you can let me know anybody cheers. Im using Dreamweaver cs4 if that’s any help.

Hi, thank you for purchase. You can use grid_4 (3 columns) in footer, instead of .grid_3 (4 columns). Just assign a class .grid_4 to every widget in footer (instead of grid_3) and remove twitter widget. Category icons are made using a font. You can see all available icons you can use on “page-elements” HTML page. Simply choose icon and replace it’s class inside “i” tag. If you’d like to use custom icon(your png), then replace that “i” tag and insert your image. Then go to style.css file and replace ”.portfolio-category i” with “portfolio-category img” (if you choose to use your custom img icon). If you’ll have any other questions, contact us via email (on our profile page).

Best regards, Andrijana

Quick question…what is the easiest method to utilize the blog pages of this website? I know with wordpress, you have a PHP / database system already set up for you.

Is there a blog engine I could use in conjunction with this theme (to keep off of the theme’s styling)?

Maybe one with a dashboard that I could manage the blog posts?

If there isn’t anything that simple out there….what’s the best method for creating blog posts?


Hi, You can use this HTML theme in conjuction with almost any CMS out there but you will need to code a lot to do that. There isn’t engine to just include this theme and create website, it isn’t that simple. If you are not familiar with coding you might want to hire a coder to convert this theme in wordpress or any other CMS you like but I suggest you to wait because we will release Wordpress version too.

There is only one method to add blog posts in HTML theme, copy/paste and edit code with editor :). You might install Dreamweaver though, it will help you to customize it.

I figured as much lol – I figured if acted like I had no clue what I was talking about you would magically have an answer for me! :)

How long until you get the wordpress version up?

We have one older project we need to finish, so we think it will take no more than a month or three weeks.

How do I change the twitter feed? It seems that no matter what I do, the twitter feed continues to pull content from your twitter feed.

Hi, thank you for purchase. To change twitter feed go to include.js file and change your username.

Best regards

Thanks again!!!

Last question (hopefully)...and this one is a “noggin scratcher”!

How can I create a link to a “pre-sorted” portfolio / gallery?

I’ve tried a bunch of different filter types…primarily focusing on: if(window.location.hash) { var $filteredData = $data.find('li[data-type=' + window.location.hash + ']'); }

But really I think I’m just confused…it seems like it should be simple.

I really hope you have a good answer for me here! :stress:

Try like this:
if(window.location.hash) {
var $filterType = window.location.hash.substr(1);
You will also need to set currently active in “ul#filter-item” because filtering on click won’t work anymore.

Thats a beautiful theme ;) Clean and simple…

At the bottom of contact.html file (at the bottom of the body) there is js code used for calling google map. There you have LatLng(48.880833, 2.42333). Replace that numbers with Geo. latitude & Longitude of your city (address).

Thanks a lot, ;)

No problem :)

When I preview in IE 9 the background is gray instead of white. Preview looks fine in other browsers. Anyone else having this problem?

Hi, I just checked the preview on my laptop’s (ASUS) screen, and on Dell U23M monitor (in IE9) and everything looks fine.. If you have another computer please check it..

Best reagrds

Hello! Great theme, congrats!

The only thing is I can´t find the documentation for the personalization of the Slider. Where can I find that? I just need to change the colors of texts.

Sorry for my English. Cheers from Chile!

Hi, we may have forgot to include it with the theme. Here is the link where you can download it: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/59635964/Revolution%20Slider%20Documentation.rar. Sorry for any inconvinience,