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lovely design. Good luck with sales :)

Thank you so much :)

I do not understand the question.

nice! good luck with sales! :)

Thank you ;)

great work. no psd included?

Hi. PSD files are not included. If you need them, write after the purchase we will send them to you by email.

Thanx. I’ll write after.

Can you please include somewhere the login information to view the demo? I am at the login page without the info. Cheers

In the login form is enough to enter any information and you will enter in the admin panel. – Home Page

The html 5 audio player isn’t working in IE 9

IE browser is a well-known fact that in it things did not work.

I wish the menu was horizontally, but other than that very nice template =)

Well, to be updated, we think of something. :)

Well i was wondering, can the sidebar and that top bar that have the search and that statistics like order, new customer… be fixed ?

I don’t really care for responsive… i am asking this cuz i want to remove that menu from the sidebar and move it to the header, with a new style of course, but the both the sidebar and that header stay fixed cuz it can come handy.

This is great design. Well documented and clean written. I’m happy with my purchase , Best 17$ i have ever spent : ))

Author is great and honest person.

Thanx again dimka.

does it support multilanguage? like ö, ç, ?, ü, ?, ö, ? ?

Yes, the template encoding utf8, which supports the use of any symbols.

Really AWESOME design. One thing, isn’t it working, I mean it’s simply a template or it works with databases and server side scripting… ??

Well, Simply Awesome

Hi. This Is template. On the server side only works ajax search script.

Nice Work!!!

You think adding form validation?

Hi. Checking the form there – Click the “SEND”.

Is toggle support integrated? I’m trying to setup a table with a hidden row which opens and closes (toggle) with more details about the row previous to it. Can you help?


Toggle are not integrated. In 2-3 days will be released updated, where we include toggle, and an additional version of the template. If You need to toggle urgently, read this article .

Sincerely, Dmitry.

Hello there, I’m very interest on your layout and before i buy want to ask how it works with the updates? I will need to buy again? Will be send by email?


Hi. Template will need to download again. After purchase, you can upgrade for free.

Has the template been updated since release? Any status on Toggles?

Also I’m trying to use 2 date pickers in a form and I can get the second one to work.. suggestions?

Hi. Template updated. Added the plugin toggle.

Two calendars:

1) Open the file lib / functions.js 2) Find:
$ ('# Datepicker'). datepicker ({
inline: true
Below add:
$ ('# Datepicker-2'). datepicker ({
inline: true
3) HTML code two calendars:
<input type="text" id="datepicker" class="small">
<input type="text" id="datepicker-2" class="small">
Sincerely, Dmitry.

There is some files that i can´t find these are loading2.gif, input.png seems that don´t come on download.

I am wrong or can you indicate me the path please?

Hi. Images are not necessary. Download the template again, I removed them.

Hi. thanks for your answer,

I have seen the new update. How may i download this new version?

Thanks, best regards,

Hi. In the section “Downloads” should be our template, where there will be a link to download it.

Sincerely, Dmitry.

Thank you i was downloading older versions before.

Dear I need to change the layout direction from left to right , I just do change the <html dir=”rtl”> login.css tables.css style.css

but it’s never work can you please advice


Hi. In what sense the direction of the layout? Text direction? Or content block to move to the left? and the menu in the right? If you want to change the menu with the content, it is not so easy and requires significant changes in the css.

How can I link this to Google Analytics and Adsense data for my website?

Hi. WHITE DREAM ADMIN PANEL – is an HTML template. He is unable to import data from Google Analytics and Adsense. This capability is being implemented with the help of php, xml, but that’s part of the program and how to write the script, I do not know. HTML templates admin panel are intended to reduce the time to develop the design for programmers.