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Norrowed the rails ajax issue to the wl_Form.js file. It’s subverting the data-remote=”true” in the <form> tag. Going to comment out the offending code if I can

Nm I got it. Had to remove the wl_*js files I didn’t need then remove their references in script.js

Please start a new thread at my support forum!

I’m going to answer all further questions there!


Thank you for your understanding!

Howdy, I have just purchased the template for ASP .Net Project. Once I changed the button in the login form to asp:Button it became as wide as the whole login box.

Please advise in this case or any issues that I may encounter in using the template for ASP .Net.

Best Regards, Ebeid Soliman

You may have to check the style.css for buttons. The button style is defined in the style.css around line 855

Hope that helps

<input type=”password” name=”password” id=”password” value=”” class=”required”>

Works fine in FF,Chorme,Safari, etc But in IE7 ,8,9 the dots of the passwords dont show. It just stays blank as if the color were #FFFFFF or something like that

Is it possible to change the direction of the theme to be RTL ?!

Hi! Can I use “new FixedHeader( document.getElementById(‘example’) ) ” proprieties on tables features? To fix headers of tables? How to do it? Thank you!

Hi there, this is in indeed awesome admin template, I was wondering if you can apply it to your Boonex Dolphin Admin panel. Any suggestion is highly appreciated.

Thanks. Abdu

Hi revaxarts, it’s been a week now since I posted you a question, can you please reply? Thanks in advance.

Hi aatahanov!

Sorry but I don’t know the Boonex Dolphin Admin. THe Whitelabel Admin Skin is basiclally pur HTML /CSS and Javscript. All server side stuff has to be done by you or your developer.

Hope that helps


I thought the dark buttons on the bottom (scroll to top) and on the left side are included in the package… Can I get them anywhere else?

Thanks for help!

Great work!

I have a question regarding the required drop-down boxes. I added “required” inside the <select> tag, but it seems not working. All other required fields seem fine. Here’s the code:

<section> <label for="primary_language">Primary Language</label> <div> <select name="primary_language" id="primary_language" required> <option>Please select Your Primary Language</option> <option>English</option> <option>French</option> <option>German</option> <option>Spanish</option> </select> </div> </section>

Thank you for your help!!!

I want to purchase this item but I have a question.

1. If the form is filled, can I send the filled info to a MySQL database with both single and multiple image uploads? 2. Can the sortable table take its data from the database and make it searchable as is it on the demo? 3. Can I have a detail page where I can display the full content of each with the image uploading per form filled?


Hi komputa!

The template is basically HTML /JS and CSS . What you do on the server side is up to you.

If you have knowledge in PHP /MySql all points are possible!

Hope that helps!


Great theme, I was wondering if it has messages or conversation view features/styles?


I am having a weird issue with the multiform upload were things are uploaded too quickly so the uploader.php some times doesn’t catch a file.

Is it possible to do a a delay, i.e. after every file is complete, so that it gives a chance for the script to run threw ?

Is there also somewhere that I can find the list of “options” that are available with the upload plugin ?

Is this based on bootstrap ???

Before I buy this skin, does it work with ajax? Because in demo all links are just static pages, with different body IDs (ex body id=”errorr) , also navigation is made for static pages (adding class “active” to href) etc…

Thank you.

After checking out your support forum (nice work btw), I found out that one user (ahop63) made ajax powered version, but after checking out the script, the gallery edit/delete buttons don’t work.


I don’t have an option to check your version but if you can Guarantee that template can be full ajax driven without any modifications to JS/JQ … let me know, I will buy it asap.

Just wondered if you could let me know how safe your file upload is from bad users.

For instance, will it prevent executive scripts. As its js based what happens if hackers turn of js, will the admin area be vulnerable to attacks.

Is all the forms based on ajax posting or can i do it using php?


The templates is basically HTML /JS and CSS What you do for security reasons is up to you.

Hope that helps

I am trying to install a better WYSIWYG editor as the one within this theme is not good at all, it has no file manager built in and does not use

tags, instead it uses <divs> and for the life of me i cant understand why they would do that lol..

When i try to install ckeditor it makes the whole form go within the ckeditor, Can you please tell me why this is? and how i can rectify this problem.

I would post on your support board but thats been inactive for months by the looks of it, no-one has been answered for their support questions.