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I have made it so the <divs> go away with a little php after the form is submitted, could you please tell me how to get the filemanager to show within the image section of the editor.


One suggestion, in next version you should add option of selecting (ex select box) to which files should be uploaded using wl_file, because $_REQEUST[‘folder’] solution doesn’t work anymore.

Hi there,

How can I use the normal submit button. <input type=”submit” name=”save” value=”Submit” /> I tried this code but nothing happens the form does not submit the data to my action URL . Could you please help me to solve this issue. :)

   submitButton: '#yousubmitbuttonid'

Hope that helps

Hi revaxarts,

Thank you for the quick response. I tried the solution you’ve sent but still I got the same result. I don’t want to use the ajax submission of data I just want to use the normal submit. For your ref here’s my code http://pastebin.com/ANM12k62

Thanks again

Where do I set the ajax property and what file should I have to edit. Thanks :)

   submitButton: '#yousubmitbuttonid',

Thanks mate.. It works :)

Hi everybody!

Can somebody explain where this admin and how can be used? Sorry for my silly question. And thanks.

Hi Abazapa!

There is no silly question ;)

All admin templates are made for a good starting point for your next project which needs a admin panel.

They come (in most cases) with all you need for the frontend (JS/CSS, Images…).

Now it’s up to you what you do with it in the backend!

Hope that helps!

Just a Question,

Is it possible to add features something like a sorting list.

Eg, jSorted?

Also, for the wl_url, i am a bit noob in regex,

but can you provide the regex for ftp|http|https|mailto|tel ?

Thanks, Chris Soh

Hi revaxarts,

I have another question. I added a multiple checkbox on my form but it doesn’t work as I expected. Please see the code below.


<input type=”checkbox” value=”42” name=”categories[]”><label for=”42”>Themeforest</label>

<input type=”checkbox” value=”43” name=”categories[]”><label for=”42”>Wordpress</label>


[categories] => Array ( [0] => 42 [1] => 42 [2] => 43 [3] => 43 [4] => 42,43 )

My problem is, I don’t really understand how it come to this output it is not supposed to have this output right? could please help me to fix this.

Many Thanks :)

Hi – This might be a silly question, but can it be used for Wordpress? And if yes, how does one implement it? :)

Sorry, not possible. This is only HTML , CSS and JS

Do you have plans for opencart white label admin? i know a lot of people are looking for it

Sorry, not in the near future

Very, very thanks. Good work.

Thank you martvin

Hello, i have got a ImageButton in asp.net form but its not working because never fired of button click event. I try this block, but not working $(’#form1’).wl_Form({ submitButton: ’#ContentPlaceHolder1_btnExcel’, ajax: false });

my button control html code ;

<input type=”image” style=”height:32px;width:32px;” alt=”Excel” src=”../../css/images/excel.png” id=”ContentPlaceHolder1_btnExcel” name=”ctl00$ContentPlaceHolder1$btnExcel”>

I was quite surprised to not find the icons in a single sprite or in a PSD file, which basically makes this theme a loss of $25 :(

Sorry but the icon license doesn’t allow to include them in the download package. Email me and I’ll send you the psd

Its compatible with aspx .net ??

This is, like all other templates here, HTML /JS and CSS . everything server side is up to you!

Hope that helps!

Can you please do some support tickets? There are week old questions w/ no answers.

Great work. I with there was some documentation on how to use the table. For example:
  • Default sorting of columns
  • Show / hide paging
  • SHow / hide search
  • Etc

PLease go to the datatablespage:


hello I’ve been struggling with wl_File & I have some questions…

1. How the response format should be? I’m customizing the default “upload.php” to fit to my system but not sure about how to make json responses. in the default “upload.php,” the json response seems to have “name” “url” “size” etc key-values, but how their values should be and how they’re used in the client side? I think I need a concise definition of the json response..

2. how can I customize the js eventhandlers? I tried this data-on-done=”function (e) {alert(‘hello’);}” but nothing happened.. I want to customize onDone handler to display the uploaded image. how can I do this?


Please open a new ticket and verify your purchase and I try to help you!


The theme looks very nice :)

Is there no “Extended License” available for this theme? I cannot find the option.

We are setting up a web admin interface for our client to manage the VPS server service offer by us. Say IP, DNS settings, service plan selection…etc. They need to pay to use the VPS service. Can I use the ‘regular licence’ for providing the administration feature?

I have to disable extended license cause Envato doesn’t allow different license type per item.

If you like to purchase an extended license of Whitelabel I can temporary enable it though.

Just drop me a message via my profile and I switch.


Hello, good work.

Is it possible to link wl_Fileexplorer with wl_Editor ? It would be cool that the WYSIWYG editor opens the File Explorer to insert picture. If you have any solution please tell me :D

Thank you by advance.

This requires some modifications and doesn’t work out of the box

Good day! I can’t find in forms simple select menu (with droplist). Do you have it? Thank you

Go to Settings => Newsletter => Forms

Hi, Our company downloaded this theme and is awesome. Got a question though and hope it can be done. How do we make the table so we can “double click the rows” and pass a data ID to another page?