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Great product but lack of support is a bummer :-(

I created a private ticket on http://revaxarts.ticksy.com/ but haven’t received a response in a week.

Hi, if I wanted to add other custom widgets, like mail, maps, is it possible.

will this work with asp.net


Yes custom widgets should work. You may have to resize them if the get rearranged or the window resized.

Don’t know asp but have many customers which uses WL with asp.net

Hi all, when i press the enter button, it just add

tags in same line but not pass the new line(/n) in the wysiwyg editor. I want to pass the new line. How can i change it? Is there any solution for it? Thank you.

Please ask your question on the ELrte forums: http://elrte.org/


Hi there, first of all great work on this template. I’ve looked at the live demos of at least 10 admin templates the last few days. While this is one of my top three, it currently lacks a lot of great examples and widgets that other newer templates feature as it looks. With the update latest update being so far back I do wonder if there are updates coming and if so what you can tell about it?


There are no significant issues which requires updates. Also the plugins works with jQuery 1.8 so I din’t need to update yet

will there be a (or already exits) the possibility to include tableTools with this ? ive tried to change the include the version 1.9.4 of the datatables but something goes wrong.


I’ve didn’t test this but if it’s based on JS there shouldn’t be a problem

tried and it does not work could you please update the template to accept the tools , it would be a plus for you too , the export for csv, excel or pdf on the fly its always a must.


Hi, hope all well and Congratulations for the template. You told in other post that you can provide the sources files for the icon set. Please could you ?

Thanks in advanced and Keep Going!!

Kind Regards

Send me a message via my profile page please

Hi. i need to use it in wordpress 3.5. I copy the folder in themes but doesn`t work. Could you tell me how to do it right? Regards

You can’t “change” it to a WordPress version. If you like a template for the MyMail plugin they are all here: http://rxa.li/mymailtemplates

i received your answer by mail. You will bring me my money back to the account or i have to tell you wich mymail template i will choose?

All transactions are made via Envato. Please contact support:


Nice work. I recommend using http://themergency.com/footable/ in order to improve mobile tables.

Yes they looks nice thanks for sharing!

Does the file upload work on iphones ios6?

I’ve didn’t test it yet but you can test it on the demo site

I’m going to fiddle around with this in creation of a POS application… My questions is can I sell my application to other people utilizing this for the console?

if I was interested in procuring an extended license, how would I go about doing so? You don’t have the option listed for this item.

Since Envato doesn’t allow item based I had to disable it. If you interested I can enable it temporally.

Before I commit, let me show it to my friend. Ill send you a PM should we decided to go that direction. The final cost would be $1250 USD?

Also in reference to exactweb’s questions above mine. On an iphone 5, running IOS 6.1 (10B143) The single file and manual upload works great, the multi-file upload does not work (it looks as though both images were named image.jpg, which is probably what caused the issue)


I just purchased this admin. I don’t like to have the left nav. How can I remove the left nav and extend the rest of the content?


simply remove the <nav> and set the padding-left of the #content to 15px

Hi, i have a problem whit js.

In some cases when call a php whit ajax the js is switch off..

Could you help me??

Sorry, but that could be caused by many reasons. Have you checked the error console? normally you can’t “turn off” JS with JS only within the browser settings

i have a form (php) into a widget, when call this php with ajax, the form show the data, but when press the button (submit) not active the wl_form in the script.js

in the console not appear messge of error.

Can you please open a new ticket?


Please can anyone attend to support tickets? Breadcrumbs do not work on or off line, including your site. I need to make them work ASAP, Thank you, Ellina

I have just replied!

Hi, great template!

Can you tell me how I can make “nav” unordered list have a pre-selected value when the page loads? Here is what I hoped would work, but it doesn’t:

<li class="i_house selected"><a href="#"><span>Dashboard</span></a></li>
Didn’t see any mention of how to do this in the documentation.

Thanks, John


You need to display:block the <ul> children of the nav element.

Hope that helps!

Thanks for this masterpiece.

You’re welcome :)

are you planning an update for 2013?

I consider a major update to jQuery 1.9

This template is now available for UCM here: http://themeforest.net/item/ucm-theme-white-label/4120556

UCM is a functional Customer, Job, Task and Invoice Management system (plus lots more!). Easy to install and get working straight out of the box.

Thanks revaxarts !

Hello. A very required item for me is a select with search, cause on my projects there is a lot of tags to choose. I couldnt find any in the themo.

Its on the template or u are planning on add it sometime soon?

Is this a self running app or does it require a server? Is this used for creating widgets or html pages? Thanks.

This is basically only HTML/CSS and JS all server side code is up to you!

So is this a toolbox that would be used with other templates? If I purchase it, I get the same site as the live preview? And to build content pages I copy the various objects to my site? Sorry to be dense, but it has a lot of cools stuff and I want to be sure I can use it.

Yes, you get the same from the livepreview. All files are sorted into folders and all scripts are well documented. the script.js is the bootstrap and loads all required files so this should be the place to start with


Can i use this with Codeignitor? I am a codeignitor fan, Is it easy?

This is basically just HTML/CSS and Javascript. All server side stuff is up to you

Hope that helps!

Dear revaxart, I purchased you white label, it is amazing. Also, Please Update it to latest jquery, It is not working well when i used latest with dashboard. Also SOme of your Button ( specially Login) are controlled by java script, So i cant post data to login validation pages.

Thanks for the purchase!

An update is on my todo list. There are many things to update for jQuery 1.9 though