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Dear! i use this theme with code igniter, but i can’t upload file with upload.php, plz help! Thanks!

Please post with your account you have bought the item.


Dear Developer, Kindly Make it with latest jquery and jquery ui. You got good purchase, everyone waiting for latest one, When you plan to upgrade it to latest jquery?

Since White Label has many plugins and needs a lot of testing the update needs some time.

Thanks for your patient

Hi. I am using the Calendar plug-in. I am able to initialize the Calendar, and call methods on the fullCalendar object through wl_Calendar. But I cannot get the calandar to update by passing in options. Consider the following script:

<script> function testit() { $("#calendar").wl_Calendar({contentHeight: 25}); $("#calendar").wl_Calendar('render'); } </script>

The “render” method works, but the calendar doesn’t update with the new Height. I’ve also tried it this way:

$("#calendar").wl_Calendar([{contentHeight: 25}]);

This doesn’t work either. No errors in the error console. I guess I’m unclear as to your documentation on how to utilize “options”. Am I supposed to pass in an array? Am I passing in a json object? The doc indicates this:


Does that mean options is “optional”? Or, does it mean that options should be passed in an array? An example or two in your documentation would go a LONG way. :)

Please advise. Thanks.

Im looking forward to the updates for latest jquery, jqueryui, other plugins and stuffs.

because it is of one year old, i am afraid to play with it, because if you upgraded, i need to upgrade my app too, i am not geek with js, i am waiting for upgraded ver

I hope you can help me with a challenge implementing your great template.

I have file uploader working on my page. How do I access the output of the the upload.php. The file uploader plugin seems to return json in upload.php but I don’t understand how I can have my JS on the form page get that output. Can you point me in the right direction?

Thanks, Greg

Hi. I have an older version of this theme which works on my ipad. But I am getting ready to implement it into my application and the ipad support for drop downs basically anything that drops down. Configuration, Menu Documentation and the menu grouping no longer is working.

I have downloaded a fresh copy and tried the demo.

Thanks for pointing this out. I’ll check that!

Hi. Nice work. Still i have some issues about wl_Form. I’ve tried connecting to support.revaxarts-themes.com but that is gone, so here i go.

I have a form, and some javascript adding and removing buttons. One of the buttons is the button.submit (button class=”submit”)

when i call first call wl_Form ( etc ), the button is not there.

After the user clicks on an input type=”button”, a new button.submit is added

and the wl_Form is called again. But it seems it does not try to find the button again or reconfigure itself.

the question: ¿is there a way to ‘destroy’ the wl_Form and build it again?

Hi ycd3emes!

Sorry for the troubles!

Can you please open a new ticket?


BTW: i got into some similar trouble with dynamic fields in forms, and wrote a ‘refresh’ method extending wl_Form that you might be interested in.


Great theme! I see no extended licence option, that means it’s not possible?

Kind regards,

Hi mauricio!

I’ve disabled it cause Envato doesn’t allow item based license.

If you interested I can enable it temporary of course.

All the best!

How do I verify the user name and password at login?


This is HTML/CSS and Javascript only. All server side stuff is up to you

The support is terrible, some tickets have been up to 3 days without an answer. Not sure these guys are around anymore of if they just don’t care.

Sorry about the delay. I’ve checked it

Hi Sorry i dont fully understand the Lic story. Would like to confirm something with you. We development multiple websites for clients, looking at maybe using your template for the admin part. As our clients never own the backend of there website eg if the client leaves us they get there frontend design and no admin functions or designs. So does this mean we can purchase a Regular Lic.

Kind Regards Clayton

You need a regular license for each customer. Please check out the license page for more explanation: http://themeforest.net/licenses

I am having some trouble trying to get the form to work. I’m not sure where I need the selectors. On my page I’ve put:

 <script type="text/javascript">
        $(document).ready(function() { 
            var request = $('form').wl_Form({

But this doesn’t seem to be working. It is properly posting, but I can’t seem to figure out how to display my results. Switching between ajax: true| false seems to work, but nothing else.

Could you point me in the right direction?

I can see some syntax errors in $.msg8... Do you get any error message in your logs?

Just wanted to say I figured it out. Please disregard my previous message about the form data.

Ok, great :)

Sorry if you already covered this, but was curious how this integrates into a wordpress site? Would i run into any problems or difficulties?

this is not designed for this purpose. It’S basically HTML /JS and CSS

Hello, I purchased White Label theme?

Is this theme working with Android Browser?

I don’t know if a frienf of mine is right but he wrote this to me

” In android native browser $(document).ready is not working, works only $(window).load


we have big problem with native browser and whitelabel theme this theme not works properly with native android browser “

Any help?

This is a great theme! For those that can’t wait till Datatables is updated to use their favourite plugins: Replace all “span.paginate” by “a.paginate” in the theme.css, jquery.datatables.css and style.css and install datatables 1.9.x of course! * For each theme

PS Don’t know why jquery.datatables.css is bold…

Thanks for the tip!

Hi Xaver,

Great skin so far , There is any extended license for this ? can i make some working Functional wp theme with your skin without extended licence to sell on envato ? i don’t need whole theme , i just need some parts .can i do that with regular licence ?



Since Envato doesn’t allow an item based license solution I have to disable it. It’s not possible with the regular one to resell it here, sorry.

Good luck with your newsletter plugin :)

Thanks . Good Luck to you too , however i think you don’t need good luck , in my opinion you are the best coder of this marketplace :)

hihi :bashfulcute: Thanks!

dear owner, Sorry for asking this again, any recent plan for release a new version supporting jquery 1.9? If there is, then we can wait for it, if there is no, then we need to upgrade by ourselves. Looking forward to your response.


jQuery 1.9 need a lot of modifications but its on my todo list. No ETA yet though!