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Great theme, wish you all the best with sales!

Thanks John!


How easy would this be to integrate with WordPress? I see a ‘comments’ section on the live demo, is this part of the files included or is the template integrated into a CMS ?

Yep you will get everything in both live demo’s with the final purchase :-). Site Templates don’t come with any backend content management systems, so you would have to convert the files yourself if you decided to go that route. It should be easy to integrate with the content management system of your choice.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

really cool stuff…I’m impressed! :)

Much appreciated!


Thats the theme! I was waiting for something unique, and here it is – simple and clean.

Just one question – are you gonna make this theme for wordpress soon?

Thank you!

Glad you are interested! We won’t be releasing a WordPress version for a while, a month or two at the minimum. We are currently working on other projects at the moment. Let me know if you have any other questions.

Thank you! Then I will purchase this one and convert it :) Anyway – will be waiting for WordPress release!

Great theme, once again!


Great theme! How will we be able to add content?

Is there support for SWF ?

Yes, you can add SWF objects in the Lightbox and on any page. This is a Site Template so you add content via the usual HTML Editor. Their is video and written documentation to help you with this. Let me know if you have any other questions.


Great to hear that!

I’m almost ready to buy ;)

First I’d like to know, how will the blog work shown in the example?

The Blog would be manually updated via HTML . If you wanted comments or a backend content management system, you would have to convert the files yourself. It should be easy to integrate with a content management system of your choice if you wanted to go that route. If you just wanted the Blog section to have a backend panel, I always recommend Tumblr as it is very easy to use.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Is it documented how to implement a backend panel? Else I think I’m gonna wait for the Wordpress version of this.

Editing the files with an HTML Editor is very easy. The documentation I provide is very detailed, even including Video Documentation. If you really wanted a working Blog with Comments with the least amount of work, I would suggest coding your site using basic HTML /CSS and then converting just the Blog (Same for all Site Templates). Here is the documentation for Tumblr and WordPress. I don’t include specific docs for content management conversion as they are the same for any website.

Does the comments section work or would I have to script that myself?

Since this is a Site Template, you would have to add a script yourself. Site Templates don’t come with any content management systems. There are many solutions for this though and I would be happy to point you in the right direction. I always recommend solutions like WordPress and Tumblr.


Love at first sight :-) Thank you for this piece of art. But i have to wait for the Wordpress-version, cause i want full blogfunctionality and all that other helpers. Can you then add tabs and toggles and take look at 800px for the mobile devices?

Glad you are interested in purchasing. I’ll think about adding tabs and toggles, although you can always add plugins and what not from code canyon to add any missing elements like that.

Mobiles devices should be fully supported. If you would like more specialized styling for certain devices, I have included some blank CSS styling templates for mobile devices that you can add too. It’s all built-in to the current file :-).

Hey, am I allowed to delete the Copyright if i buy a regular licence? BTW . Great THEME !!!


Yeah of course, you are allowed to delete the Copyright. You can add/remove anything after purchase :-). Let me know if you have any other questions.

Really love this theme. However I need this to be integrated into wordpress as I have no idea how to build a site and manage content with this template alone. Could you give ETA on when will you release this for Wordpress? Thank you.

Glad you are interested! I can assure you it is really very to edit this site as is. I have extensive documentation and even videos to help. We won’t be releasing a WordPress version for a while, a month or two at the minimum. We are currently working on other projects at the moment. Feel free to send me an e-mail and I can keep you posted.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

just purchased …

without reading the extensive documentation which files do i upload to get me going fast …

i don’t see an upload & install file …

i so do see an html folder + a php folder …


Note that this is a Site Template and not a WordPress Theme. You should be able to dive right into the files and get started. The documentation should just help you with the difficult things like setting up Twitter/Flickr feeds. Feel free to send me an e-mail and I’ll help you out with anything. My e-mail is included in the documentation and there is a contact form on my Profile Page on the right side.


Bought it just to break down the markup and to use as a starting point for a HTML5 portfolio template, and I must say very impressed. Beautiful clean mark up awesome comments. Anyone with the slightest knowledge of what they are doing can use and modify this template! One of if not the best buy I have done in themeforest, would have paid more for it!

Thanks for the great testimonial! Glad you found all the comments and code useful.


Hi, Thanks for this great template, I really enjoy to scripting it for my site. Just one question. As you know the code better, could you tell me fast how to do the footer sticky ? check the website, im sure you will know what i mean. Thanks!

You should be able to easily do this by checking out tutorials or downloading a piece of code from code canyon:
Google Search

It should be simple to add, feel free to e-mail me if you have any trouble.

First of all, great template!

I have a bit of a problem though. When I try to add a youtube movie to the HomePage Featured Slider it seems to get drawn on top of everything. (can’t see the slider anymore and menu items get drawn behind the video)

I should note that I don’t have trouble with vimeo movies though. Is this something fixable on my side or is it how youtube perhaps changed behavior?

Yeah, this is a youtube only issue with embedding but you can easily fix it. Here is a forum post explaining how to fix this:

Just add ?hd=1&wmode=opaque to your embed url and this will fix it :-)


Hi – am interested in this great looking site for a project for my sister (she is an olympic skier and needs some marketing!).

I think I can get the hang of this design, but is it possible to add a background image instead of the patterns your site currently uses?

Thanks for your help

Yeah, you should be able to easily add a background image instead of the repeating patterns. If you have any trouble doing this, just send me an e-mail and I’ll walk you through the steps.


Im interested in purchasing this theme however I have two questions. What is the max width of an image you can use? Are you planning on making a back button for the main portfolio image page? I noticed in your demo to go back to the column pages I would first have to click on portfolio and then click on whatever column I wanted instead of just hitting a back button from a main portfolio image page if that makes sense. Thanks and awesome theme.


Glad you are interested in purchasing. The maximum image width is 500 pixels wide(Width of column). You of course can have any height. Note: You can adjust the column widths easy and this is included in the documentation if you want a wider website. We don’t plan on including a back button from the single portfolio post. There are next/previous buttons and you can add a back button icon in that spot if you want or below the post. It would be up to you to make that customization.


as someone who likes to complain, I got a complaint,.. I can’t find anything wrong with this theme to complain about ?? – stop making perfect themes ! that’s an order..

I assume you have figured out your question :-). Otherwise shoot me an e-mail or visit our support forums.

oh my comment was blank ? don’t know what happened there ?? anyway great great theme ! but I was just wondering if it is possible to add a management end to it ( hook it up to a CMS ) i’m using the php version of the theme .. thank you..

Thanks for the kind words. The easiest CMS would probably be WordPress as we usually then move our site templates to WordPress Themes. There are plenty of lite cms’s that could also work but it’s really up to you. I suggest using the CMS that you are most comfortable with as that should work out the best.


Thanks for your earlier reply – have now purchased and have to say that the quality of the supplied files is excellent (and a great help suite too :) )

I will try and do the background image myself but may need your expert guidance if I hit a brick wall…

Appreciate your offer of help and the quick response (sorry about my slow one!)

Glad to you have made the purchase and are happy. As before, let me know if you need any help.


All going great Mike, thanks – done the background which was as straightforward as I had hoped. Code is really well commented which is helping a lot as I am changing things in the html as well as the styles, so would be lost without your thoughtful guidance!

Thanks again for a great site/product/service!