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Hello, I have a problem with portfolio featured image in translated version. Look:

I don’t know why, because it works in the italian versione (the basci one for this site). When I upload the featured image in this two item I don’t see the right preview in the admin area, but jus a little dot. Here it is:


Go ahead and post your question in our support forums. We can help you out with this in the forums:

This theme requires a featured image on pages to display as a header image. I am using your theme with woocommerce ecommerce plugin and any featured image for product pages gets used as the product image. Is there a way to set in the CSS a featured image for all pages including custom pages like product pages?

my goal is to get a header image on the “product” pages like it does for regular pages when you set a featured image so that all my pages can be uniform with the same header(other than the homepage of course because it uses the slider.)

Go ahead and post our question on our support forums. You can definitely set one using CSS. We will be able to point you in the right direction in the forums:

Hi, I’m looking for a wordpress theme for a restaurante and this looks nice. My question is, How it looks on smartphones?

I know say in the description that is responsive, but I wpuld like to see how it looks.


We have an example screenshot here:

I would recommend checking it on your iPhone or Android device though for a better idea on how it works on mobile. You can visit this link to see it:

Hi i have main language is spanish but, i translate to english the menu and is not show in the page i need support now

I responded to the e-mail. Please post in our support forums for help. We can help you out in the forums:

i send u support

We will respond shortly via the support forums.

Hi there, I’m strongly considering this theme for my client’s personal chef page. Just had several questions.

1. What type of slider is the home page on? Revolution or some other slider? Could video be displayed in that slider? Particularly Vimeo video?

If not, would I be able to edit the home page so that I could place a Vimeo video right below the slider?

2. I noticed you have Flickr integration … but would you guys have any Instagram integration? Even if not, I’ll install Instagram plugin and work with putting it into the site.

3. And lastly, does the logo have to be opaque, could I upload a transparent background logo in that same area?

Thanks & have a feeling this will be the theme choice!

1) We are using FlexSlider. Adding video is possible in the slider or just below the slider. Also, you can use the Revolution Slider if you wanted to purchase that separately. That slider will work in any of our themes.

2) We do not have Instagram integration. You would need to use a third party plugin for this. There are many to choose from at

3) The logo can be solid or transparent. There is no limitation.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

how easy is it to change fonts???



It is very simple to change the fonts. If you need assistance, go ahead and post in our support forums and we can help you out:

thanks I have just posted in there, so hopefully you can let me know.

Hi, I got your theme few days ago, I would like to know how can I set up the home page slider. any video?


Yeah, you can use the Video Embed Code option to add-in a video. If you have any additional questions, feel free to post in our support forums:

i have send you one ticket and now i will send you the detail from the site via your portfolio thanks

We have responded in the support forums. Please only post in the forums.

How can I change the progression name from Monday hours in Montag?

We provide support via our support forums. Please post any questions in the forums:

hello, could you suggest me a way to put the buttons in the main menu of 3 languages??, with flags?

If you are using WPML, check out their documentation. They have this feature built-in to the plugin so it can be added to just about any theme. You would just need to copy/paste the code into your header.php file.

If you need additional help, feel free to post in our support forums:

Do not use WPML, qTranslate use … but there is something about this?

For any qTranslate questions, you will want to visit the qTranslate documentation here: or forums:

My shortcodes do not match up with the documentation. using WP 3.9 . specifically i have no add a button in the post editor.. Any ideas?

You just need to click the button “Toolbar Toggle” icon. Then it will display all of the icons. Here is a screen-shoring showing the button to push:

i have all the rows of icons, but the button icon does not show. Columns, toggles, dividers are all there, but no insert button..

You can use this shortcode for the button:
[button link="" target="" size="progression-small or progression-medium or progression-large" color="progression-grey"]Text here[/button]

If you have any additional questions, feel free to post in the support forums:

I purchased this theme some time ago and I still love it very much! Thank you for keeping it updated. It’s a wonderful theme!

Thanks for the great review! Glad you enjoy working with our theme.

Hi i can’t believe the slider in the english version is not working and the navigation

We provide support via our support forums. Please post any support questions in the forums:

Hi, Multiple menu template is supported? I need 6 pages with 6 different menu

Yeah, this theme will work with WPML.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Thanks for reply

I need 6 different menu in 3 different languages

Yeah, you can easily have 6 menus and 3 languages if you using WPML with our theme.


Great Theme!!

I’m having trouble importing the XML file. it says

Import WordPress Media “slide2” already exists. Media “slide1” already exists. Media “welcome-image” already exists.

We provide support via our support forums. Feel free to post in our forums and we can help you out:

Hello, I have a double host (win+lnx), I’ve developed my site in lnx space and all the funcions are okay. In my hosting back end panel I have changed the dns instruction to show the lnx version at I’have changed the url parameter and the site is precisely showed except the home page silder (set trought featured images) and all the fetured (post and page).

The featured image is set in the back end, I see also the preview.

Why?? Thanks

That is going to be un-related to the theme but instead a hosting issue. If you need any theme assistance, feel free to post in our support forums and we can help:

Hi, the theme has homepage full with images, is possible to have full with images also in another pages? thank you

All pages support a background image at the top as demoed in the live preview. If you want to re-use the homepage, you can do so. This would allow you to add multiple sliders on top of pages with normal content.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Video on homepage.

I would like you add a video instead of an image in the homepage.

I was referring to the post under the homepage. See screenshot below.

You can create that area with either child pages or short codes. Either way, you can just insert the embed code or shortcode within the content area. Our theme will automatically format the video size to make it responsive so it fits. Note: If you are using embed code, you will need to use the “Text” tab to insert the code.

Go ahead and post your question in our support forums if you need help with this:

It Worked! Thank you so Much.

Hi there,

Thanks for the hard work with the theme. Just having an issue with our blog page. It is not displaying properly. Cheers

Sorted, found the error. Great theme thanks.

Glad you got it sorted. If you have any other questions, feel free to post any questions in our forums:

Great looking theme. Pre-purchase question.

Are the three boxes column standard on the home page as my client would like to add a 2/3 column & 1/3 column above these to incorporate their table booking engine?

Thanks in advance.

Yeah, you can easily adjust the homepage boxes. You can remove theme completely or adjust the column count as you are describing. Having a 2/3 column & 1/3 column above these or in place of them would be no problem.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Perfect. I will get the design signed off by the clients and be back to purchase. Thanks