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Hi, great looking theme! Does it support child? Thanks!

Yeah, we support child themes. Let me know if you have any other questions.

Thank you page for subscription. Do you have a thank you page that displays after a visitor subscribes to the news letter?



The newsletter subscription is managed by a third party service. You can customize the Thank You page via the third party service. Our live preview demo uses that has a free service to manage and send e-mail newsletters.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

I see. We are sending the newsletter subscriptions to and it doesnt have a page like that. After submission we just need to direct the visitor to another page on the site. Can we modify one of the existing pages and have it serve as the thank you page?



Yeah, you can easily create a new page to that will be your thank you page for new subscribers.

hello. I installed this great theme on your site. but the slider does not appear at all. what’s wrong?

Make sure you follow the documentation located in the “Help Section” folder. This theme has been well tested so we can safely say the all the elements work. If you have any trouble after reviewing the documentation, feel free to post your question on our support forums:

thank you, I found that the problem was in the name of the category portfolio. I changed it and everything is working fine. it’s really great theme

Awesome, glad it was an easy fix.

How do I upload the XML file to view the sample of all?

thank you very much

This is covered in the documentation under “Importing the Live Preview Data”. If you have any questions or want to see what data is imported, feel free to post in our support forums:

Is it compatible with Wordpress 3.5.1? Thank you.

Yeah, this theme is fully compatible with the latest version of WordPress. Let me know if you have any other questions.

Hi, where should I ask my doubts about the theme once I have already bought it? Thank you.

We offer support via our support forums. Just jump onto there and we can help you out:

Outstanding Support. I posted my questions the support forums and i got them answered within a couple of hours. Support is very good and the documentation that comes with the template is some of the best i have ever seen.

Great work guys.

Thanks for the great review!


Can I replace the home page slidebar with a static image? Can I reduce the height size of the image into the home page slidebar? Is there a support for events and an easy way to update it via admin ctpln? Is it possible to put events in the home page? Is it possible to customize color?

Thanks Cheers

Thanks I take a look at the last link you have suggested but I am not clear if is possible to limit the action of the editor just to some of the website pages or not. Do you know that? thanks You know end user often is not an expert but still want to manage events and I would like to prevent him deleting or modifying other pages :-)

Is it possible to create a gallery page with list of pictures?

Yeah, the roles can be customized to edit certain areas.

Yeah, you can create a gallery page with a list of pictures. See the portfolio pages for examples of the gallery options.

Great theme and great documentation!!! Is it possible to create a child theme from this?

Thanks, glad you are happy with our theme.

Yeah, you can create a child theme with White Rock. If you have any questions while creating the child theme, feel free to jump onto our support forums:


Hi guys, I would like to have 2 Menu pages, cause my menu is very long so I want to share the big menu in two pages. Is that possible since it’s managed by widget?

Jump onto our support forums. We’ve got a few threads that cover this with some recommended plugins and solutions:


I logged into the forum but I am not able to post I thought because I did’t confirm my email address seeing that the following message is showing at the bottom of the page (“You need to confirm your email address. Click here to resend the confirmation email.”).

Unfortunately for many days I tried pressing on resend confirmation but I have received yet any email!!! Can you please help?

I need to know how can I port my website developed in local in the web host server. Which files/database entries have to be modified?THANKS

Let me know what your username is and I will manually confirm your account. Then you can post any questions in the support forums.

For moving servers, see WordPress’s documentation:

thanks, my username is genius77.

Okay, I manually approved your username. Feel free to post any questions in our support forums now:

Great Theme, AMAZING Documentation and ABOVE & Beyond Support Forum. Thank you for all your time and service! :):)

Thanks for the great review!

I want to say thank you to the authors of this great theme. I needed their help twice while developing my website (minor issues generated by third-party plugins I had installed myself). They answered me back in a few minutes (I do mean minutes) and they solved my problems both times with short and clear explanations. Awesome support. Thanks.

Thanks for the great review. Much appreciated!

Hi there, absolutely loving the theme, great work! One quick question, I can’t seem to find the ‘Enable Captions’ anywhere for the Featured Slider on the home page? I don’t have anything in my admin area regarding captions. Thanks heaps :)

The captions are automatically added or remove. You can just type text into the slider text area and they should appear or disappear as needed.

If you have any future questions, feel free to jump onto our support forums:


No matter what I do – my first portfolio post doesn’t show the featured image on the single post page. It sows it as a thumbnail on the main portfolio page but will not show up on the single post. I have followed your superbly detailed documentation to the letter – please can you advise…....

Here is the link to the portfolio page…...

It’s the first post that is the problem.

Thanks in advance

Go ahead and post your question on our support forums. We can help you out from there:

Hi, I’ve purchased the theme and I have a problem uploading the XML file to import the sample. I’ve done what’s on the video but it takes too much time and nothing happens. I have no connection problems. Thanks for your answer. AS

We offer theme support via our support forum. Please post your support questions through our support forum:


If I wanna change the fonts on the different templates and use googlefonts, how / where should I edit..?

Thanx in advance!

You can do so in your Theme Options under the Appearance tab. If you need any additional help, just post your question on our support forums:

But do ur theme support google fonts, which fonts can I choose between?

Yeah, if you have any questions, just post on our support forums. We are happy to help you if you need any:

Another thing, My client needs the (food)menu to be at 2 sub levels, which makes the drop down-menu disappear out of the window to the right.

I could place the (food)menu over to the left on the nav, but that is not convenient for my client, he says..

Where or how can I change/edit this?

We offer theme support via our support forum. Please post all support questions through our support forum.

Hi I’ve now installed and customized for my client’s restaurant two things #1 would love some feed back #2 I need to insert flag icons for Spanish and English version (I’ve created a second copy on /es directory) ideally would like them in top right hand corner of every page, which PHP file would I need to add them to.

Thanks for your help, and btw I love this theme, it offers so many options for customization.

Feel free to post any questions on our support forums. That is the best place to ask questions:

Hello – I just purchase the theme and get the following error when installing -

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

Any ideas?

Disregard – figured out I needed to pull out the wordpress .zip… newbie

No worries, glad you got it sorted out. In the future, feel free to post any questions in our support forums: