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Are you going to be updating the theme at all? There seem to be a large amount of people requesting the ability to have a number of different menus. It is a very limiting theme when you can only have one.

You mention that the only way to do this is hire a developer for a couple of hours, or follow some difficult instructions (for a non developer).

Love the theme. Looks amazing. This is the only thing (but a biggie) that is an issue!

We have two updates to the theme. You can see the changelog on the bottom of our product pages. If you have any questions, feel free to post them in the support forums:

Note: You can have unlimited category menus: If you wanted additional menu indexes, you can check out multiple threads in our forums that have directions on this.

Hi. Thanks for the update. Categories and menus aren’t the same thing though. As mentioned in the support area, the requirement is to have two menus not a number of different categories in the same menu. Also the wine menu is a different style (although amazing looking!)


Check out this thread for directions on adding additional menus:

Hi …

How can i change the blue in an other color ?


Check out the documentation under “Theme Options & Colors”. If you need additional help, feel free to join our support forums:

Hi, does theme (theme’s font) support Turkish chars?

Yeah, the theme font will support Turkish chars. Here is a list of the font’s character-set so you can confirm this:

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Awesome theme!! Client was very pleased. Well documented. Very versatile. Thank you very much. check it >>

Thanks for the great review!

Hi there,

Great theme. I am interested in purchasing it. This is a silly question but I can’t find anywhere, nor do i see it on sites that have used this theme, to change the font for the drop down. Is this possible? My client wants san-serif font. Thank you!

Also, is there a way to add a photo as the background to the whole site? I want to add a rustic wood background. Please let me know as this is an important factor for the client. Thank you!

1) Yeah, you can easily change the fonts via the Theme Options.

2) Yeah, you can easily add background images via plugins like these:

Great thank you so much for your really quick response!

Hi there, I really like your theme and strongly consider use it for my new client project, but when I went to test it on my iPhone the Lightbox works kinda funny – the lightbox image that pops up is really small, about half an inch wide and if I click on the full-size icon on the lightbox it gets all messed up.

I can email you screenshots if you’d like.

Is this something that you could resolve in the very near future so that theme runs totally perfect on an iPhone?

Otherwise, really nice theme.

Yeah, if you want them to open to 100% of your browser width, I can give you some custom css for that. It’s just 3 lines of CSS that you drop into the responsive stylesheet. This theme of ours has that CSS if you want to check it out (Rooms has the lightbox):

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Thanks for such quick response. I looked at that page you sent me and the lightbox works exactly how I need it :)

Just want to make sure I understand you correctly – I can make the lightbox on the Restaurant theme work the same way with that CSS code you mention?

Yeah, it’s just a few lines of CSS (Both themes use same lightbox). I can provide you that in our support forums or via e-mail.

not fix for woocommerce ?

We don’t have any built-in support for WooCommerce. If you wanted to add this in, it is super easy. Just check out the WooCommerce documentation:

If you have any other questions, feel free to post them in our support forums:


Where can i change the background color?

Thats the problem: i dont see it.. I can select colors for differtent options but i dont see the background one. I can change it in the CSS by myself but i dont know where the background color # is located.

I can change the colors, but its overlapped with a background image..?

We provide support via our support forums. If you are having trouble, please post your question in the support forums with a link to your site:


I viewed your website ‘Creating the Homepage’ to make those 3 boxes underneath the slider, but the URL of those pages always contrain ’/home’, for example:

I want the ’/home’ not to display, just as the preview of White Rock. How do I do that?

Thanks in advance!

The live preview homepage boxes link to other pages. Not the actual homepage box child. Just create a landing page you want the feature box to link to and then you won’t see the /home url.

If you have any future questions, feel free to post them in our support forums:

Is there a video tutorial for this template?

Yeah, check out the “Help Section” folder for written and video documentation. If you can’t find the folder, it means you only downloaded the WordPress Theme files. Don’t worry, you can download “All Files & Documentation” at any time to get the documentation (Find this under your Downloads.).

If you have additional questions, we are available via our support forums:

Great theme, helpful tutorials and wonderful support. I recommend it to everyone.

Thanks for the great review!

Hi. I cant set up my Home Page Portfolio Sliders, ive created new portfolio item with featured image, added category with this item, but when i try to set it up on home page it does nothing. I mean slider is not working. I was reading all instructions in help section, videos are also checked. Please help me.

Go ahead and post your question in our support forums. Make sure to include a link to your website and the portfolio category you want to use for your slider. We can help you out quickly:

Hi! I’ve already purchased your theme. I would like to change the properties of backround navigation menu BUT NOT FROM THE THEME CUSTOMIZATION (from there I can only change colors but I REALLY WANT TO CHANGE PROPERTIES). Where is the file to change?

Thank you!!!!

We provide support via our support forums. If you have any questions, please post them in the forums:

Note: You do not have a purchased badge. Make sure this is the item you have purchased, then post in our support forums.

Hello, can I change transparency or color of the background under menu. That strip is very bright on dark photo. Where can I find it? Thank you!

Yeah, check out our support forums for any questions. I believe that question has been asked. if not, feel free to start a new thread and we can help you out:

hi I want to change the titles of the progression business hours in the footer widget to my own language. (theme: White Rock – Restaurant & Winery Theme) I added in progression.po between the quotes of msgstr like so: msgid “monday” msgstr “maandag”

went to the backend refresh …still English frontend the same

what am I missing?


Check out the documentation under “Translating” for how to easily translate the theme. If you are still having trouble after reviewing the documentation, feel free to join our support forums:

Hi Thx for your reply. But… I created a nl_NL.po as a copy of the progression.po file with the translations like so: #. Text in echo #: white-rock/widgets/our-hours.php:44 msgid "Tuesday" msgstr "Dinsdag" and my config file says: define('WPLANG', 'nl_NL'); refresh admin refresh backend: all still Tuesday… What do I miss?

BTW I am trying to get the Progression Business Hours to be translated

Jump onto our support forums and post your question. We can help you out with that. Make sure to include a link to your site when posting in the forums:

Hi, good morning,

I just installed the White Rock Theme, but it doesn’t have any of the components that the preview has (existing homepage with slider, any pages…). All I have is the sample page Am I missing something?

Thank you

Check out the documentation in the “Help Section” folder. It will cover how to easily setup the theme.

If you want everything to look like the live preview, follow the “Importing Live Preview Data” section of the documentation. It will cover how to easily import the data so your website has all the data from the live preview.

Also, feel free to join our support forums and we can help you out with any future questions:


Try instead posting the image to or another free service. Your URL is linking to a 404 error on my end.

Yeah, you can easily add-in the subscription form. We include a video in the documentation on how to set that up.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Hi – how do I remove comments from the website?

We provide support via our support forums. Feel free to post your question in the forums and we can help you out:

Hello, Under the comments box on our blog post code appears – how can we remove this code?


We provide support via our support forums. Feel free to join our forums if you need any help;

Note: The message about HTML tags is built-in to Wordpress. If you want to remove it, check out our forums as we have directions on this.

Hi – I cannot find this – please have look at code between the comment box and the post comment button?

We provide support via our support forums. Feel free to join our forums if you need any help.

Note: You can remove that area with this line of custom CSS:
.form-allowed-tags {display:none !Important;}


Is the theme compatible with WordPress Version 3.7 ?

Yeah, all of our themes work in WordPress 3.7. Update away :-)