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Is there a way to add this theme on top of a word press site? Let me know. Thanks

Not a WordPress theme sorry!

If you wanted to take the template and convert you could do so.

Hi great theme, what font did you use for the WhiteBox logo and text next to the cloud? Thanks

I believe it is called Coffee Service.

Thank you!

Have you considered making this into a WordPress theme?

Yes, however themeforest does not seem like the idea as much as I do, and a few other buyers like yourself.

I have bought this theme and edited to my liking and it works great!

But how do I get the subscription/contact form to to work? What I mean is: When someone enters their info where does it send the content? And how do I specify?


Could you point me in the right direction? I’m not sure what those choices are…

Any you want, there are literally thousands of them. Im sure there are some email scripts here on CC as well. You could also use MailChimp, AWeber, etc.

Ok very cool! Thank You!

Hi, how are you? I’m very interested in this theme. I have just one question:

Is possible to change the background in the cloud for another image like this. I want to change the social media icon for flags, each social icon for one different flag.

Thanks in adavance,

Yes you could do that, just replace the image of the icons with the image you would like to use ;)

Hey, thanks for this template.

Is it possible to modify the slider so it does not stop when you hover with your mouse? I just want that it ‘slides’ my images the whole time.


Hey! Thanks for purchasing a Tyler.TC item, I truly appreciate it! Support for all our plugins and products is conducted through the Tyler.TC Support Forums, if you’d like to start a new thread over there a support team member will get to your topic as soon as possible (keep in mind time zones and holidays.) You will need your purchase code and as much info as possible please!

Keep in mind when making a topic you can mark the topic as private so your sites URL, and commonly required information such as wp-admin login details / temp accounts will only be seen by the support team member.

Support Forums | Find your “Item Purchase Code”

^ the question above:

Yes, i found the hoverPause in custom.js. It works in Firefox, but Chrome still stops the slider on mouse hover. This seems to be a bug, please fix that :(

Tested on: Chrome 26 on Windows 7×64

Edit: I dont know why, but it works now after I removed the pagination and the left-right buttons for the slider. Maybe this helps you on troubleshooting :)

Should not change anything in any of the browsers, pretty sure there is a setting in the slider to disable this.

How do I make the Subscribe area show automatically… in the documentation it says we can, but it doesn’t show how… thanks.

Just remove display:none from the css ;)

Haha, yah, I realized that after I typed it… meant to come back here and post it… thanks for the quick response, regardless! Thanks for a great template!

No problem! Thanks again!


I would like to know if its possible to use a paypal plugin in this template.


Yes, you can modify the source to include anything you want!