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Awesome design. Good luck with sales

Thank you!

Very clean, good luck with sales.

Wow, the image moving inside the cloud is great. How is this achieved?

Thanks, Bernhard

jQuery magic :)

Looks great bro. 8-)

Thank you :D

Hello, interesting but do you have an HTML5 version?

Hey there, really nice clean theme :)

I was just wondering where you got the icons from under the “Why choose WhiteBox” section?

Good luck with sales!

Is it possible to change the Subscription? I want to add a extra message box so people can send me a question.

Yes, technically you can change anything you want ;)

The image moving inside the cloud is a great idea. Good luck with sales

Thank you glad you like!

Can you tell me what font you are using for the logo Whitebox?

Coffee Service ;)

What font is used for the WhiteBox logo?

Coffee Service

Thank you!

How do we increase the speed of the slider?

You can change it in the custom.js file ;)

Hi, what have i to add to write the email subscription directly and automaticly in a .txt on the server ?

thank you :)

Hi Tyler, I have some support questions.

Here is the site with some changes I’ve made (pretty clueless still….)

[url removed]

1. How do I remove the other slides from the slider? And fix the weird liney effect on the sides/?

2. With the stamp, how do I remove the apple logo from appearing when you hover over it? How do I stop the stamp from disappearing when you over over it?

3. How do you add clickable links to the page? So when someone clicks the stamp or the logo they are taken to another site…

4. There is a weird ” A> ” in the bottom left corner. How do I remove that?

5. How do I change the meta-description? At the moment by default it is showing meta-data from slides from within the slider.


Please send URLs via email please.

Please send the URL of your site via email and I will take a look for you. You can do so by using the contact form in my profile here: http://codecanyon.net/user/TylerQuinn :)

Thank You!

I did send the urls by email at your profile page:

But I didn’t get any response. I even emailed you directly and you emailed back saying:

Please contact me from my Envato profile page for item support. There is a verifiable email form you can use right from my profile page to do this

I’m a bit confused and not sure what to do to get the support questions answered :)

My guess is you did not send the email from my profile page but instead my website… I linked directly to the page to contact me from. Support requests for items will not be replied to unless they come from my profile page.

Please send the URL of your site via email and I will take a look for you. You can do so by using the contact form in my profile here: http://codecanyon.net/user/TylerQuinn :)

Thank You!

Ok, cool, sorry :)

Message sent. I’ve emailed the link you sent above.

Could you tell me where i can download the font Coffee Service because i cant find it and is the font free or commercial?

It’s commercial.

Hi there, How can I add more then 6 sliders?

The additional ones all end up on the last slide (slide 6)


Make sure you are adding the slides with a main slide class wrapper.

Hey Tyler, Are you saying I need to create an additional Main Slide Wrapper?

I am currently Just adding slides to the main wrapper like this but when I can only create 6 slides and when I add more they just end up on the 6th slide NOT on a new slide…

This is the code I am using to add new slides to the main wrapper.

!- start slide -> screenshot <!- end slide ->

Thanks, David

Hi Tyler, Great theme and real easy to use.

One question though : how do I link the facebook, twitter, google plus and linkedin icons to my accounts ?


Just change the href location of the link to your desired URL ;)

Does this theme come with PSD or AI files? Can I modify the design to fit my taste?

No PSD included sorry!