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Hi Tyler,

Love the template! Perfect for our needs. Have a few bugs/issues. I sent a message through your profile and didn’t hear back. Please advise.

First, the slider doesn’t show in Internet Explorer, shows fine in Firefox; is there a code or something that will enable IE for the slider?

I need help adding the social media bar from the landing page template at the top ON TOP /ABOVE of the menu provided in the full page template. I don’t care if the social icons hover, I just want both social media icons and menu to be in the header. Can you assist?

I bought both full and landing page templates. All common methods of combining the two have failed. Please advise. I can provide my URL again if needed. Was in previous email to your Profile Page.

I figured out how to edit the floater image without losing the cloud shaped cutout, so you can ignore that part. Please advise. Thanks!

This all sounds like issues stemming from attempts to modify the template not bugs… There have not been any bugs reported and from the demo the slider is working perfect in IE. If you want to send a live URL I can take a look to see if there is anything wrong with the template. If you need it customized for your needs I also do freelance work at an hourly rate.

Please stop creating duplicate comments and use the reply feature, it makes things easier!

Did you see my email? Sent a copy to your profile email box. Thanks Tyler! -M

Will do!

Hi, may I know the font name used in “What is Whitebox” slogan?

I think it’s called Coffe Script ;)

I was going to ask the same question. Nice Template thanks

No problem! Thank You!



I like the slider and the theme, it´s great. I have some questions, is the slider working in the jquery version 1.7.2 min and is it posible to set the slider to auto slide page with a given time.? thanks. Regards.

Not exactly sure what you mean, as it is jQuery based if you are handy with jQuery then you could make it do anything you like ;)

hi, sorry for my english, my question was if is it the slider working in jquery version 1.7.2 , because i dont have knowledge of jquery, and my theme is using that version and i dont want to get a conflict versions of jqueys. And my other question is that the slider isnt changing the image automatically, i ´ve to click in the next icon to go to the next slide, is it possible get the slider working in auto mode , go to the next slide in a time given in seconds for example. thanks.

Not sure what you mean once again, the template already comes bundled with jQuery and everything you need to run it.

Hello Tyler,

Looking download but want to confirm if the template works with any common CMS or what you recommend?


Well it’s an HTML template so it was not built for any specific CMS.