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Nice parallax in the background, creative idea! Good luck with the sales!

Nice effect, like it!

Good luck for sales.

You haven’t tried this page on a monitor bigger than 1920×1080 have ya? Just thought I’d stop by and let you know it looks awful on 27” iMacs.. Great concept obviously!

I just tried it on my 27” iMac and it’s true. It looks terrible there… smaller resolutions look great though… then again…

nothing that quick update won’t fix

... once that that is done… you got another sale… me!... waiting for that update… :))

Thank you for reply – we will fix it soon.

Tried it on a lot of browsers it is really bugged on the two lastest versions of Firefox (on win7). It shakes horribly when you move your mouse back down then to your buttom, just so you know :)

Thanks it looks pretty good and works fine in all browsers I use ;) It even pops up good the mobile devices, I do also like the one you made with the rocket :)

Thank you!

I noticed that if the mouse isn’t on the window when the site loads, the middle form loads to the right (re-centers as soon as the mouse goes onto the window) how can we fix this? Thanks!

Thank you for reply! We will check and fix it.

Can you send us screenshots?

with some bugs on 1680*1050 the image appears to reload or something