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Beautiful, simple and clean theme. GLWS :)

Cheers Vicky :)

I can’t access or see the demo..

That’s strange, it’s been working fine for us all day, can you see it now?

Bought it as soon as I saw it. I got a problem though, seems I can’t change the colour of the blog post title. It should be “Heading Font Colour” right?

It works now, great! I just discovered something else: the text on the buttons for previous and next post are hard coded and can’t be changed through a language file. Maybe something for the next update.

They shouldn’t be as that is just standard functionality we move between themes and is written in translated strings. If you can raise a support request as above we’ll make sure we double check it. Thanks again for purchasing :)

We’ve just double checked and the next/previous are translatable via the .po and .mo file, there is an FAQ for translating themes on our support system: If you need anything else don’t hesitate to contact us via

Congratulations Great work , Good Luck With Sales :)

Thank you :)

There’s no closing quote when one uses the [quote] shortcode.

Hi thanks for purchasing. No there is no closing speechmark, it’s a design aesthetic, it’s demo’d on the shortcodes page on the theme demo.

Super theme guys. I only have one question about the filter by category, I can’t make it works. I am in local for instance.

Thanks a lot.

Howdy, thanks for purchasing, just head over to support with all the details and we’ll look into it for you.

MeanThemes Support

Thanks :)

I’m really liking this theme. However, I’m getting an error message on video posts: Fatal error: Call to undefined function the_post_format_video() in /home1/vrichins/public_html/ on line 66

Do you think this is due to the recent Wordpress update?

Actually, don’t worry raising a ticket we’ve just released the patch to everyone. You’ll be able to find it in your WordPress > Updates section. You can re-download on Themeforest too but please give them 48 hrs to approve the new version.

Thanks. I’m very happy with this theme.

No problem, thanks again for purchasing :)

Thanks for the great theme. I think theme has a bug about the posts begins with image. If the post begin with image home screen cant show the image after the title.

Hey there thanks for purchasing :) can you raise a support request with all of the details and we will look into it for you

hey, is it possible to use other informations on the left bar (on the home page)? I would like to remove “saved in”, “posted by”, “post type”, and instead, I would like to use the qty of facebook likes

Hello again, you can remove with CSS or physically from the template file and you could edit that area to show Facebook likes. You would need to make that customization yourself though

thanks :) I forgot to ask… can I transform the theme in Brazilian Portuguese?

There are .po/.mo files for translation :)

Where is the subscribe functionality on this theme? ]

What kind of subscribe functionality? You can subscribe to the RSS feed of the theme. If you are looking for a newsletter subscribe then there isn’t one included in the theme and you’d need to either use a plugin or insert the code via a text widget.

i am an absolutely idiot when it comes to computers, but need to put up a blog….. is this theme easy to work with? Trust me….I need easy. thankx!

Lol! Well it’s pretty easy I guess. It’s got lots of options and documentation too. If you are looking for something more simple take a look at Fixy and Wharton. Both are designed purely for blogging (widely has a portfolio as well as blogging)

Simply beautiful and works perfectly. Excellent customer support too. I really can’t rate it high enough ;-)

Thanks :) In which case don’t forget to rate it 5 stars via your “Downloads” tab :D


The theme looks great and I’m thinking of buying it. Are there any “real life” examples of websites using Widely? there are not a lot of comments here and I could only find one example.


Hi thanks :) we don’t tend to collect real life examples for our themes, so don’t really have any to share, sorry about that!

Hi ! This theme is very beautiful :) but before buy it, where can i see the version of this theme ? To verify if it’s update. Thank you !

Ah right I see, the link to the changelog is in the Widely description. 1.0.6 is very old, current version is 1.2.0

Oh ! That’s what I was looking for ! I am sorry I did not see it… Thank you a lot for your patience :)

No worries, I think I confused myself to be honest!