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Always happy to see a new buddypress friendly theme! Looks nice, good luck with sales!

Nice looking theme. good luck with sales :)

Very nice!!! Good Luck :)

Clean work! Good luck :)

Excellent theme. Good luck with sales. ;)

Amazing Buddypress theme, are you thinking of making it responsive? A responsive buddypress theme would generate lots of sales, also..do you have any new theme features in mind?

Hello Diabolique, that is great and your theme is very good, but here are some things you would want to consider working on for the next update.

-Making the theme compatible with wordpress multisite, (the css for the multisite buddypress blogs directory right now doesn’t display properly). -Maybe giving an option in the theme panel to switch between a few different styles. -Like I said before making it as responsive as you can.

The second and third ideas were just ideas that could be worked on but the first one is very important to people as many people now are using wordpress multisite with Buddypress and want to use a theme that is compatible for it.

Cheers, Its a great theme and has had alot of time spent on it, it just needs some more things done on it to be make it amazing.

I forgot about WPMU . Buddypress has special templates for blogs so I’ll check it.

Thanks, Diabolique. Looking forward to seeing the next version.

Is full demo content included with the theme, I am looking at purchasing this theme today if demo content is included. Thanks

Hey Diabolique, thanks for the reply. I was meaning wordpress data export, I already have my own buddypress data. Are able to upload an xml data file with the theme in a seperate folder that we can download with the theme in a zip?

Thanks, I got it.

This looks good! Well done!

Awesome template, glws mate! ;)

Fantastic , congrats ! :)

Nice theme! Would WooCommerce work with this theme ? And i mean properly ? Please let me know !

Not really – http://imm.io/Is4v

There must be always following HTML code just after get_header() for each page template:

    <div id="header-bottom">
        <div id="page-title"><span><?php the_title(); ?></span></div>
    </div><!-- #header-bottom-small -->

    [/div]<!-- #header-container -->

Is this HTML5 ready (able to transition from desktop to mobile)?

Is it mobile-ready like the “Squared” theme on this site?

I mean… is it “mobile-ready” like that other theme?

As in, it automatically knows when to use a mobile setting when its below a certain size? Check out that theme… then resize the window to that of what an iPhone might be. See how it changed. Will your theme offer that functionality too?

So you are talking about “Responsiveness”. It isn’t responsive yet. I’m just working on it, it should be done within 3-5 days.

Looking forward to it! Keep up the great work.

Congrats, great Theme. Can you etiolate, when it will be responsive?

Looks like many people are asking for responsiveness. I will start tomorrow, probably it will be done within 3-5 days.

Cool, good luck :-)

Hi Diabolique :)

Great job!

One easy question about buddypress security.

Can I configure to see and work with any forums only if the user was logged in?

Actually I need a private social net.

Thanks a lot!


Such options are possible while creating a new group: http://imm.io/IzE6

Amazing theme !

Is it possible to add shortcodes ?

No shortcodes here. I will add some shotdcodes when I will finish responsive layout.

Nice Theme!

I want to know if the registration and profile editing is done by front-end or in the WP itself.. Front-end profile editing looks much better than when people see the WP engine.

Let me know. Cheers,

Hi Diabolique,

Very nice theme but I have a few issues.

1. The Homepage: Here’s a photo. As you can tell, the widgets aren’t styling properly:

This is the bottom of the page. The right widget is overlapping the footer.

2. You wrote in your description that we can “Display any page (blog, galleries…) on the frontpage.” How do I do this?

3. Is there a way to disable the need to send activation emails to new users upon registration?

5. Is there a way to automatically redirect users to their profiles upon login so they don’t receive the “you’re logged in. Go to your profile now” link.



Website is http://portal.transmedia.ca

I have installed BP Buddypress Hierarchy (which says it’s compatible with 1.6.1) so you can see an example of what I’m talking about.


I also just installed Buddypress Docs, which is 1.6.1 compatible…

Your plugins use own page templates. It means you have to change HTML structure of their page templates: http://themeforest.net/item/wildcommunity-buddypress-theme/faq/3146452

Hi I am having a problem with the Menu. The Arrow for the Menu drop down is not on the site and the dropdown menu does not work. I followed the instructions but still not working. Please advise. Thank you :)


Did you add “parent” css class for parent menu element http://imm.io/IzQh There is also required short description for each menu element.

How do you delete a User Group?

Go to user group -> Admin -> Delete – http://imm.io/IzSy