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Very very nice, bro!

Thx man ^^

very nice to see something a bit different, good work!

I’m glad you liked it

Any ecommerce version coming up?

Yep, WP coming soon

This is brilliant! Great job :)

Thanks friend :D

Great work! Good luck :)

Congratulations Great work , Good Luck With Sales :)

Hi, love your theme. When is the WP version available?

Just a quick question on the WP version. Is it possible to list the individual product through a post with a link attached to like a “buy now” button for example, so when customers go to the product page and click on “buy now” then the link will direct them to the external site?

I dont know, maybe 1-2 weeks

How can I see a product page? Every link I click on is ”#”

I’m update description, and add links to all pages

Awesome!!! Looking forward to the WP version :-)

Soon i hope :)

Please add the signup page to the demo – I need to see how forms are handled.

Great Work Bro ! Bootstrap structure – also be awesome ! Regards.

How can I make the navigation element slightly transparent so the background image shows more effectively? Also how do I get rid of those red squiggly lines in the big title font that goes with the slider?

Also how do I make the navigation menu the same width as the body?

And the site gets really weird and the pictures get stretched in landscape mode on my iPhone. Also, you can not seem to select the thunbnails for the slider.

? just purchased your template but none of this website is working correctly. no login form or logout. checkout does not work also. just sell the psd then its easier. really crap.

Sorry, but in theme description i wrote, what pages are included in HTML. Fully fork theme will bee soon in WP version.

Clean and beautiful theme !

Hello! That about licence? Can we edit theme after buying? Can we make some changes and make magento theme for us?

Nice work good luck with sales;

Thanks, man)