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Any plans to turn this into a WP site?

We will make a theme for the WP and all major e-commerce CMS . We accept all the criticism, and will make changes in versions for CMS. Follow and stay tuned;)

Great design! I like it! :)

I’m glad you enjoyed it :)

When is this made into a WP-theme – or (if possible) a Shopifytheme? Looks great. Good work.

As soon as possible, i think of next month.

Sounds great. For WPCommerce or Shopify?

I think WPCommerce

Great design!

Are you planning adding an item detail page, too?

Will you also plan doing html template? Would buy it right away.

Thanks man. Item detail page are included now. HTML version a guess will come at next week, if moderation is ok.

Unique work. Really creative :)