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realy cool :)

Thanks :)

Nice parallax! :)

Thanks :)

Very nice onepage. Good luck with sales!

Thanks Toxicus !

Hi there

which fonts are u using in the theme?



The font is Raleway from google fonts.


Very interesting design! Good luck ;)

Thanks ninzio :)

wwwowww very nice!!! wp version?

good luck

Thanks ! WP version will be coming soon

gud work. glws :)

Thanks ! :)

Design is great. Perfectly converted into html. I’m looking for developer with the same skills.

Thanks for your great words zucchero !

Clean Design , Good Luck :)

Nice work, good luck

Great work! GLWS :)

Great work! GLWS

Cool effects and animations, GLWS bro :D

Nice web! Good luck

Thanks !

Really good, design!

I noticed one thing, when minimized windows size to mobile size, for photography version,

Menu do not closes, when clicked on it!

And the same in portfolio version, when menu slides out from right, and then clicked on menu it do not closes, for this, portfolio version, it is maybe ok, but for photography version, it is kinda annoying, that on mobile small screen 50% is white menu witch on click do not cloases.



Thanks !

Regarding the menu which you mentioned, it does close once its clicked i have tested it on desktop and mobile, not sure where do saw this issue.

Hi Nasirwd

Thank you for a great design.

I have purchased your Mock-Up but it seems to the desgin for portfolio not are done yet?

Best regards Christian

Hi Christian,

Thanks for purchasing the template.

The portfolio section is working, once you click on the thumbnail it expands and opens the portfolio details.

Let me know if you require any help.


Love it! The design is great! Glws

Thanks ThemeREX !

Great work!

WP version would be SUPER

thanks !